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Some good news and some bad news from Amazon


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I just got an email from Amazon.com with suggestions for paleo cookbooks to purchase.


The good news is, Well Fed 2 can now be pre-ordered, even though it isn't out yet.


The bad news is, one of the other options is "The It Starts With Food Cookbook", the very one we all slammed for trying to make a buck off Dallas and Melissa with paleo pancake recipes, sugar, maple syrup, etc.


So it seems even 160 bad reviews as opposed to only 2 good ones (from questionable sources) weren't enough to get Amazon to pull it.  It is, however, on sale for $6.29, so maybe they are trying to dump it for however much they can get for it. 


If you get the same email, DO NOT buy the book.  Read the reviews, especially the first one, by Dallas, explaining that it is trademark infringement and copyright violation.

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