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  1. Big project under way, have removed monster scoby, going to clean it up & start again - it is positively mucky & gross looking....will clear all the gunk off with prev boiled water and make fresh tea. It has got super sour & dark recently - I think the switch to black tea wasn't such a good idea. I will see how it goes for a few more weeks but kind of sick of the "project" now.
  2. Yes you could do that, good idea. I often have a gap of several hours while my tea cools (I only have 1 large jug!) between taking out my booch & replenishing it.
  3. I take out 1.5L (2 bottles) every 2nd day & top up with the same or sometimes 2 litres. Tbh I am getting a bit sick of it now....but am married to the thing! My scoby is massive now - the full size of the container - 12 inches? and almost an inch thick. I gave a portion of it away & it grey back pretty fast. I am considering removing the 2 smaller pieces of the original scoby now....before it gets too unwieldy. Lovely container Vian!
  4. Annabel...I didn't eh was I supposed to? But white vinegar is just malt vinegar you'd put on chips - like this
  5. I read about grabbing a handful of scoby and using it as a body treatment, you just rub it all over.. Shexy......percypats husband would just love that!
  6. Bottles to put it in when brewed and a decent sized (2L) measuring jug.
  7. annabel, I got a small continuous brew kit from
  8. I gave away a piece of scoby for the first time today, was a bit odd having to tear a bit off my dinner plate one - it was quite tough and I couldn't use a scissors of knife ecause of the metal. Hope it recovers quickly from my tampering!
  9. yes you can brew with it, supposedly makes a lovely floral brew. The ginger bottle I made turned out great - just a smidge of grated ginger is enough, maybe half a tsp. I made another bottle of that todayy but added some bits of lemon flesh too. I have a bottle ferementing with raisins in it - looks funny - I bet the booch engorged raisins are going to taste amazing even if it dooesn't flavour the batch much. Speeaking of fermented goodies a FB friend hooked my up with a Korean lady who makes her own kim chee, meeting her tomorrow to get some.
  10. You're all fierce fancy! 2 more bottles put awat for 2nd ferment today Lables by Lily and this is the baby (being held by my baby) - looks pretty good, except for what's the mucky looking stuff on the underside? Should I be concerned? percypat, you'll have to tell your dh that he can't have a 6yr old girl being tougher than him
  11. What about raisins? maybe it would taste like that yummy desert wine (that I can't rem the name of)
  12. My new bottles (and my brewing assistant busy sampling)