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Whole30 Take II for me, started July 9


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I was called out of town suddenly and had little control of the foods offered to me or available to me, so I made the decision to start another Whole30 when I landed back home in Virginia. It was definitely the right decision to make. I have had such success with the program and my first was May 1 through the 31st. It has taken a week, but my blood sugar and weight and well being are back to pre-trip levels. There was a bit of stress involved with the trip (death in the family) and a lot of work done while I was in Texas, but I am happy to announce that I got my act together immediately. 


I wondered why people did a second or third or fourth Whole30. Now I understand. It's a great centering device to take 30 days to bring balance back into my life. I have infinite possibilities within the boundaries set for me, and the rules are easy to follow. When this Whole30 comes to a close, I will stay tight to Whole30 eating as reintroduction the first time around taught me that grains and legumes are not my friend. I was able to tolerate a small amount of dairy (cheese and Greek yogurt, specifically; I haven't reintroduced cottage cheese, though I would like to), which made me happy, but it's a treat now and now an everyday thing. 


So, I thought I would stop in and introduce myself again and declare my Whole30 underway!


Congrats to everyone who has made the decision to give this way of living a try. It's so worth it.

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