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  1. scrapstitching

    Started W30 Round 4

    Late night is my time when the kitchen and its contents holler at me. I'm trying to go to bed earlier to avoid that temptation, W30 or not.
  2. scrapstitching

    I accidentally ate candied walnuts

    During my first W30, I ate something with a preservative that isn't compliant. I was freaked out. I did not start over. I know I should have, but I didn't. I still changed everything I know about eating and W30 was a huge part of changing my life forever. Losing weight is not the goal, but I did. My blood sugars normalized. Other changes occurred that were positive as heck. So yeah, I should have started over, but I didn't. P.S. I'm on my 4th W30ish as we speak.
  3. scrapstitching

    Dijon Mustard

    I look for Annie's and Woodstock brands. There are some mustards on the shelf that are okay, but you have to read those labels.
  4. scrapstitching

    Starting today for the first time - 9th November

    You'll discover a lot of foods you didn't know you enjoyed, learn a lot about your own personal choices, and your label reading is going to give you the education of a lifetime. Enjoy it!
  5. scrapstitching

    Started W30 Round 4

    Avocados are a daily thing for me. They're darned good with just about anything and do extend the "full" feeling.
  6. scrapstitching

    Started W30 Round 4

    The farther away I am from added sugars and blatant sugars, the less I want it. You might need to eat more. I eat a ton of vegetables and that includes turnips, rutabagas, potatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes - things that are a bit bulky. I have fruit every day, including occasional dried fruits, but that's not for everyone. I also drink a lot of water, which I think helps flush out my system. I think not using artificial sweeteners (I love me some Diet Dr Pepper) helps too. I'm beginning to believe when they say that artificial sweeteners trick my body into thinking it is getting sugar and makes me want more. Hang in there. P.S. I'm not saying I never want anything sweet - I do. I am saying that avoiding it completely is helping me in a big way with wanting more and more and more and more.
  7. scrapstitching

    Type II Diabetes, Feeling Horrible

    P.S. Fruit is also helpful or cooking in fruit juice to add a level of carbs to keep your blood sugars from going too low.
  8. scrapstitching

    Type II Diabetes, Feeling Horrible

    Hi there, I also have type 2 and my blood sugars absolutely go down and I feel awful when they do. Talk to your doctor. My endocrinologist allows me to lower one of my medications when this happens so that I don't have to eat to the low blood sugar level, but your doctor may do something different. The result of normalizing blood sugars for me, though, is increased energy, better sleep, and my vision improves. Blood sugars that rise and fall do a number on your body, so do expect some changes. The not feeling good may be leading to feeling better. Whole30 and resultant paleo-ish eating is the best thing I've done for my diabetes. I hope it turns out that way for you too.
  9. scrapstitching

    So excited to be back - what took me so long?

    Nice to see you here. I'm with you on returning. I'm glad to be here. I've already run out of eggs once
  10. scrapstitching

    Started W30 Round 4

    Fall is a great time of year because I can cook my heart out and not worry about heat, etc. So, here we go. I'm doing my 4th Whole30 and feeling the benefits already. I started on November 1 and will run through Thanksgiving. The plan is to start back up again a couple days after, when company has gone and I'm on my own again. It's not a 100% 30-day run, but the total will be! My long term goal is to reintroduce certain foods and stick close to Whole30 beyond the days of being committed. Having said all that, my first Whole30 was strict, filled with new foods that I had never tried, provided amazing results, forever changed my life, and I've always gravitated back to this way of eating on a regular basis. My advice to anyone doing their first round of Whole30 - Enjoy it! Be creative. Learn to love foods you never knew existed. Wash dishes a lot
  11. scrapstitching

    Whole30 App?

    I am my app. I read labels and sometimes use My Fitness Pal to log. I really need to do the "work" myself to keep my accountability in check, though.
  12. scrapstitching

    Lacuma Powder?

    I agree with not using it as a sweetener during a Whole30 (on my 4th as we speak). I heard of this fruit today and am wondering if it might be a good try for after Whole30. I'm a sugar addict and not sure that I should play with any sweetener, to tell the truth.
  13. scrapstitching

    On day 3 of my first Whole30

    My glimiperide was cut in half; it lowers blood sugar too much and one has to eat to the low. That's counterproductive for the diabetes and overall health. I do still take the Lantus, but it's long acting and doesn't lower the sugar. The endocrinologist said we might consider discontinuing the glimiperide altogether if the trend continues. My blood sugars have never been better since I started this second W30. Now to keep the numbers down after reintroduction, but that's 20 days away and I have time to plan.
  14. scrapstitching

    On day 3 of my first Whole30

    I'm seeing the same blood sugar results. I woke up to an FBS of 90 this morning. I can honestly say I've never seen it that low. It usually runs high 100s or low 200s, which is not a good thing. I have heard that fibro can be assisted with eating paleo and doing a W30 reset for yourself. We need to learn from this and keep it up!
  15. scrapstitching

    How much fruit is everybody eating?

    P.S. I only keep juice around for blood sugar lows. Other than that, it is off limits for these 30 days other than cooking. I also have read the book from cover to cover in 2013 and re-skimmed it in 2016. I'm hopefully not encouraging others to eat too much in the way of fruits