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Whole30 really is a re-set


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I did the whole30 is June. Hurray for me, I did not fall off even once, although I did have lots of problems and homicidal moments. Sometimes it was moment to moment.


Lots of great things happended for me during: slept through the night 3 times-first time in memory, more energy, felt clean, less puffy, calm, etc, etc. Lost 7lbs-hoped for more, but I'll happily take it.


During July (up until yesterday 18th), I ate whatever I wanted. I am gluten interolerant, so unable to veer into that territory, but ate cheese, rice, corn, sugar, gluten free desserts, ice cream, thai food, burgers, booze, etc. I handled it pretty well, but noticed that all my old stuff started creeping back, Ended up pulling a muscle in my neck so bad it hurt to swallow. Even with all that, I weighed in and had only gained .75 lbs. Usually I immediately gain back any weight lost during "diets", but this was different.


Anyway, I committed to a whole7 to get back on track, and now-(24 hours later) I feel FANTASTIC! woke up energetic and happy. Zero cravings and loving this. What an instantaneous change.


It really seems like something has re-set in my body. It will be fun and interesting to see how things go in the future.



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