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Sugar Dragon defeated, now it's time to shed the baby weight W30 style


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I'm coming off the heels of a W30 I did in June/July, right after I had my now 7 week old son. Since then, I've had some Diet Coke and paleo-fied some fast food in the name on convenience. O.k., and during the W30 and since I've kind of abused almond butter in the name of survival. But, the one thing I have not done is invite sugar back into my life. Sugar and I are mortal enemies. I don't even eat condiments with added sugar anymore. I brought my own food to a weekend-long wedding just this past weekend that was being catered by an amazing chef to avoid the sugar abuse that most chefs seem to inflict on their food. I avoided freshly made lox. That's commitment. 


Last August's big Whole30 changed my life. I've stumbled and come back a few times since then (I blame pregnancy sickness), but that experience taught me so much about myself. So, even though I just did a Whole30, I feel too excited about this big one to not do it. Not to mention, I don't feel like I'm going to be missing out on anything by doing this again. I know that this is going to be tremendously awesome!


My goal for this Whole30 is to try my best to follow the meal template. Most importantly, I want to focus on getting back some variety on my vegetables. My family has been surviving on a lot of frozen veggies and there's only so much excitement there. I don't expect leaps and bounds, but some progress. I'm also going to stop buying almond butter for the time being, since I have a fat loss goal with this one. Not to mention, I find myself eating almond butter instead of taking the little bit of time to heat up more well-rounded leftovers!


I'll log the best I can, but you know, 7 week old baby and 3 year old. Ha, and I guess since I don't have a scale anymore, I'll just be going off how I feel and how my clothes fit. Really, I just want to get these stupid maternity clothes out of my house! I couldn't care less what the scale says. 


Yay for August!! 

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