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  1. First timer, Mom of 3, and starting 3/7/18

    Don't worry, you're not crazy starting this with your husband out of town. When my husband goes out of town I find it easier to eat clean! Remember that kids go through the same adjustment phase we do, so if you're changing anyone else's diet, they may complain a lot the first week but it gets better and they do start liking the food. Enjoy the journey!!
  2. Dizzy/Lightheaded

    I have had this problem many times and coconut water does the trick. I would try coconut water before spending the money to see the doctor, and of course if that doesn't work, see the doctor. I've been told by doctors that "oh, you're just getting older, stuff like that happens." So, I had to figure it out myself. For me, it was potassium and nothing worked faster than coconut water.
  3. If you're concerned about the health impacts of coconut oil, let me first say be careful what you read. Recently, the American Heart Association - an organization that has always had a vegan slant - claimed a bunch of negative things about coconut oil that were, once again, not actually based on science. So, of course, many "health" blogs and news sites are running with this currently as it is a popular news topic. Many times, blogs or articles like this are reprinted or paraphrased without the author actually researching what they are writing about. News sites will often just go off the press release the AHA put out, and some blogs will just go off the news articles they read - no one is working very hard to understand or verify the information. I used to make extra income on top of my journalism job basically rewording press releases into printable news stories. You would be surprised how much of your news is this, particularly news about health topics. However, there is a fantastic book that I think ever single American should read, "The Big Fat Surprise." It explains how we wound up with the policies we have around nutrition and the faulty science that got us there. It also breaks down the real science. If you're confused about what fats you should be eating and why, this is an important read for you.
  4. Day 17 success

    This is not my first Whole30, so I knew what to expect going into it (tiger blood and clear head ftw). What I didn't expect was to spend most of it with acute illnesses! I went through a pretty bad cold/flu(?) right at the beginning of the Whole30 and survived on meat and veggie soups, broth, some coconut water, and a lot of rest (or as much as you get with two kids who are also sick). But, the illness I'm currently battle truly put my Whole30 to the test. Thanksgiving was a breeze because I basically couldn't eat. I came down with horrible gut pain that landed me at the hospital. It took two visits to figure out I had a stomach infection and an infection of my lymph nodes in my abdomen. For four days I was very hungry but couldn't eat due to the pain (kind of like IBS can get). I found myself snacking on small amounts of soft foods - boiled chicken, baked sweet potato, and what is now my new favorite soup - mushroom, spinach, onion, and salty broth puree. (It actually is kind of amazing). The doc suggested gluten free bread (since I can't eat gluten anyway) or rice, and when I said I don't do grains, he happily suggested many Whole30 approved alternatives. Yes, you can eat soft meats in place of bread on a bland diet. I'm on the mend and was able to reintroduce meals of salmon, zucchini and sweet potato today. Not once did I deviate and here I am, Day 17, with tiger blood giving me the right attitude to get through this hard month of illnesses! I just wanted to share that you can do this even if you fall ill. It is tempting to abandon ship and just "treat yourself" as some form of self care, but real self care is feeding your body real foods.
  5. November First

    Yes, we've done the full thyroid panel and many other tests, and biopsy. It is a mystery so far. :-( I have the whole Halloween hangover thing going on and a friend already tried to feed me a processed vegan lunch full of noncompliant stuff! She just made me a plate before I even knew it was happening. I was feeling too tired to explain why I wouldn't eat it so I think that ended up awkward. Oh well! We'll get to other side of this week in no time, I keep reminding myself!
  6. November First

    We are in a similar boat, it sounds like. I also stay home with 2, and my oldest is special needs as well, so our diet is mostly paleo. I'm in the process of trying to get diagnosis for some mystery illness (wouldn't be surprised if it is autoimmune, since I already have 2 other autoimmune diseases). This is not my first Whole30, but since I feel my best on Whole30, I'm going back to it in hopes for some relief. I'm interested in the support. I have been gearing up to start November 1st, so perfect!
  7. 1st timer, starting November 1st!

    That's great these are her beliefs, but what about yours? Why does she get to decide your diet beliefs are invalid because they don't line up with hers?
  8. Dealcoholized Wine

    Plus, it is basically juice, which you can't have a glass of on the Whole30. You can make it 30 days without wine or wine replacements. :-)
  9. KETwhOle30

    Primal Edge Health has an excellent new cookbook out, too. Lots of keto- paleo/primal recipes. Many would fit (or could easily modified to fit) Whole30. It is a pdf cookbook though.
  10. 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    I remember seeing this last year. Cool you've brought it back! So, in January, you do the Whole30... is there more to your focus for January then? Also, curious how you execute these other months. Are there specific goals set for each month relevant to the focus area?
  11. I would just feed your four year old what you are eating. I actually don't cook anything different for anyone in my family, so my husband adds what he wants to meals if he can't take it. He's used to it by now, though. Hopefully he is supportive of you doing this! My husband was not the first time around. He felt very threatened. I think my biggest obstacle is money. We're very strapped financially, so we've been buying the cheapest meats we can find (often this is processed with sugar or soy) and canned stuff that has non-Whole30 stuff in it. And, lots of corn tortillas, beans and rice. But, this stuff makes me feel terrible all the time and I'm finding I'm sinking into a bad depression as a result. I'm going to have to get creative on how I can continue to afford this, but I need to! Happy Day 1 everyone!
  12. In for this as well. I'm allergic to all the candy they hand out on Halloween anyway, so all I have to avoid is the 3 bean chili my father-in-law is bringing. Not a problem. I'm not a big fan of beans anyway. I want to aim for a Whole60 this time, to truly but the sugar cravings to rest, and then after that start the program as outlined in Food Freedom Forever.
  13. How many days in are you with eating this way? If not far, that could be why you have a drop in energy. I get to the bone tired for a while when I do a Whole30. Can you eat lunch meat or beef roast wrapped veggies? Those are simple and can be eaten with fingers.
  14. Braggs Liquid Aminos

    Have you tried coconut aminos? I like it way more than I ever did soy sauce.
  15. Low weight picky eater (8yo boy)

    A friend's pediatrician told her to supplement zinc for her son, that picky eating is often a symptom of low zinc. It was night and day for her kid.