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August 1st starters ...

Roslyn Murphy

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This is my third round of whole30 & last spring I started a fb pg so a group could support each other. A few of us are doing another round & I thought I'd invite a few ppl from the forum!

Most of us are women, just, ya know, FYI & some of us are also doing beach body programs... I, personally, am doing whole30 as a pescitarian & do add in some pea protein powder... If any of this sounds familiar- come join us!

I can add about 10 people (otherwise I get overwhelmed) 😜 So if u want-- find me on fb, friend me (as far as I can tell u have to be my friend for me to add u) & EMAIL me- otherwise I'll just think ur some stranger & won't add u!

I'm under Roslyn Murphy & my pics should match! 😄😄😄

Happy whole30ing!!!!!!!!!

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