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Cowgirl's Birthday Thirty

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Hi y'all

Today begins my third Whole 30. Here is a little recap for you:

**First one was January 2013. Was compliant and rocked it. Did Crossfit 3x a week. Lost seven pounds and lots of inches. Felt fantastic. Then time went on and I fell back into my old ways (major sugar addiction) and everything gained was lost.

**Second one was June 2013. Was compliant and in addition used this board to keep myself accountable. Did no regular exercise other than lots of rigorous chores (we live on a farm, gardening and keeping horses in addition to lots of other animals). Lost NO weight but had obvious changes in body composition, enough to where others were commenting... into my skinny jeans and feeling great. Have managed to maintain about 75% of the time... except for last week. I ride competitively (barrel racing and other western speed events) and we camped at the big State Show. I ate noncompliant to say the least.... ceral, grilled cheese, chips, snowcones, ice cream etc etc and I enjoyed it all. And so far, not feeling terrible and still able to zip up everything, but wary of a repeat performance from January. So...

I will be posting my meals and activity here each evening to keep accountable. I find it interesting that I had equally good results with and without formal exercise, so I will just keep up my normally active lifestyle and maybe throw in a little yoga for good measure. And the Birthday reference? Well I'll be taking my 50th trip around the sun starting the 17th so probably will indulge in something then. The real celebration will be taking great care of myself...

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i remember seeing you in the march 2013 group (or i think it was march...i should go back and look)...i had a few weeks without my computer which happened right at the end of that one, but stayed compliant, i did get off track  over the summer and am glad to have just started my second whole 30 yesterday.

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Eats for Day 1:

**2 chopped turkey burgers fried with yellow squash from the garden and red peppers topped with salsa and avocado; blueberries; coffee

**cold grilled hotdog with mustard, olives, cherry tomatos, cucumber, baby carrots

**cinnamon spice sun tea

**baby carrots dipped in almond butter

**grilled salmon with homemade mayo, zucchini noodles with garlic topped with toasted almond meal, coconut flakes, Earl Grey tea

Yes Simonec I forgot I attempted another W30 in March but only made it a couple weeks. Today was a good day though I was tempted to lick the bowl after making banana bread for the family! Kept a active with chores and tending the garden. Starting to get squash and green beans now!

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Eats for Day 2:

**chopped turkey burger fried with garden green beans and red peppers; blueberries, coffee

**green salad: mixed greens with chicken, cranberries, walnuts, apples; carrots dipped in almond butter; hard boiled egg

**microwave popcorn, a few Skittles, a couple red licorice whips

**two beef burger patties with ketchup, pickles, bbq popchips, Oreos and 3 marshmallows

OOPS. Well we shall start again tomorrow! Starving at the pool and I caved, starting with the popcorn and steadily declining. I've got the right food in the pantry now and need to kick in my old willpower that made June successful.

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Eats for Day 2 (discounting yesterday):

** two chopped beef patties fried with garden green beans and orange peppers, coffee

** mixed greens, chicken, blueberries, strawberries, apples, pecans, poppyseed dressing, hibiscus tea

** apple, coffee

** steamed vegetables ( zucchini, kale, chard, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot) with lemon tahini dressing; baked sweet potato, ginger tea

A good day! One hour trail ride for activity.

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Well I am committed to being honest about this journey. Seems I am having difficulty getting started...

Eats for Day 3 (really day 0 now - again!)

**two chopped beef burgers fried with garden crookneck squash and orange peppers, raspberries, coffee

**grapes and dry roasted hazelnuts

**salami with mustard

**pool fare: popcorn, a few Skittles, an ice cream sandwich

**dark chocolate covered raisins

**salmon and steamed broccoli with homemade mayo

To process this process, I need to evaluate what is really going on. Seems I just can't get the ball rolling this time! It is unusual for me but I think maybe I'm just not taking it seriously. I cannot wait to get serious until my clothes don't fit however! Will try Day 1 again tomorrow. On a good note, I did pass up cheese pizza for the salmon and broccoli. Hopefully someone can give me some words of encouragement?? I did feel absolutely useless today.... really wiped out and took a long nap.

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That's what kept happening to me when I tried to Whole30 again in April ... and June ... and July. I just could not do it again for the life of me!


What are your goals/intentions with this Whole30? I found through all of my fails before that I was totally trying to lose weight, which for me isn't a big enough motivator to make a lifestyle change. For some it is, but not for me. This time my goal is to finish something I started, and nothing more. I'm a lot more relaxed and find it easier to stay complaint. Bagels in the break room? Nope ... can't right now. Even though I'm hungry and they're all fresh and stuff, I can't. I'm only on Day 8 but I feel that determined-through-my-bones-let's-do-this-grr that I had my first time around.


It might take some time to figure out what motivation works for you. Are you doing it for the health? Personal challenge? Peer pressure (heh - join us ... come join us)? Take what works and roll with it.

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Thanks for the focusing pep talk, Miss Munchie! Where are you all posting. I did find it very motivating to know that I would be loggin in every single night and posting my food intake for all to see. It seems here on my own log well... nobody's really interested he he

I am doing this Whole 30 because I love love love how my body and mind feels when I eat this way! I actually didn't lose any weight on my second go, but my body composition definitely changed. I crave the peaceful, calm focus and steady energy I have when I'm humming along eating all the right things.

On that note, here's to a great Day 1!

**2 hotdogs cut up and fried with garden green beans, raspberries, coffee

**steamed shrimp and broccoli, sweet potato fries, homemade mayo

Actually slept quite late this morning, feeling like utter crap from the day before. Terrible bloating and gas, nauseating sulphurous bad bad stuff (sorry TMI!) Tummy hurt and just wanted to stay crashed. Got up gently drank a looooot of water and before I knew it was lunch. Didn't really feel like eating but as the day progressed felt better and better. Now have good spirits and feeling better about life in general.

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i know that there is an august 1st starters topic and an august 5th starters topic...lots of people on the august 5th have made multiple attempts at getting started and some are re-starting...there may be other topics/groups as well.

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