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  1. It also lacks in vegetables too - every meal needs to stick to the template with protein, fat and 2-3 cups of vegies.
  2. All vinegars are ok, with the exception of malt vinegar. Naturally occurring sulphites are fine - this is normally stated on the label.
  3. You can have it, but its probably best to find something without - I can't help with where to find it though, sorry!
  4. Maltodextrin is out, pure wasabi is ok - check for any extra ingredients!
  5. could you buy a carton of canned coconut milk online? or perhaps go to an area where there's bigger shops (I think I read you lived in the "country") to do a bulk buy? there are plenty available without sulphites or any added nasties! what about olives in jars? again, it might be something you could get at a bigger shop if you wanted to make a trip. in terms of eating - most BF mums seem to eat 4-5 meals a day to support their needs and the needs of their bub. these are actual meals with protein/fat/vegies, not just a snack of nuts/fruit/avo. any vegies will work, and having a variety is
  6. I just looked it up - I was curious as i just assumed it was a type of rice. Google tells me it is a grain/ I'd say its not compliant, just like rice/quinoa/wheat etc aren't compliant