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  1. amberino21

    Intermittent Fasting?

    The whole 30 recommends eating within an hour of waking, so to follow the program as suggested you would need to do that. (When you're doing IF you're never really missing breakfast, your first meal is "breaking the fast" no matter how long after waking it is...) Try it for 30 days - give yourself every opportunity to experience the program as written. If, after 30 days, you feel no benefits then you're free to do what you like with the knowledge that whole 30 style doesn't suit you!
  2. amberino21

    Applegate Bacon

    For a similar taste, prosciutto may work - it's easier to find compliant versions
  3. amberino21

    Applegate Bacon

    No sugar is ok on your whole 30, even if it's a negligible amount. Your bacon doesn't need to be nitrate free- that may make it easier for you to find something compliant
  4. You say you've put on weight - have you put on fat or muscle? Artificial sweeteners can be the cause of bloating, and perhaps fluid retention. I'd cut them out. They also may be making your digestive system less effective.... You mention stress too - this can have a huge impact on your fat loss ability.
  5. amberino21

    What to eat with soup instead of bread?

    You're making me crave soup. Alas, with temps supposedly getting to nearly 40 C here by the end of the week, soup is not on my agenda! Haha... Unless you're having a protein in your soup, some sort of egg/meat muffin might be a good could squish hamburgers out really flat and bake til crispy/firm? I also don't mind big slices of roasted cauliflower, but that's not going to help get your protein in
  6. You CAN do this you need to cook meals you're comfortable with cooking and eating - you don't have to make complex food. You could start with your bbq'd chicken (or bake a whole lot at once to make life easy for you), add 2-3 cups of salad or simply prepared cooked vegies, plus your fat and, Voila! a template meal Cooking things in large quantities helps with prep - make bolognese sauce or chili in bulk and freeze portions to have throughout the week. HB eggs, tins of fish in oil or above mentioned pre-cooked chicken can easily be added to salads for a quick meal. Bake sweet potatoes and other root vegies - doing trays at a time will give you enough for a few meals (depending on how much you cook and how many hungry mouths you're trying to feed).
  7. amberino21

    Eggless recipes for canned salmon?

    I just dump the tin on top of salad. I've made salmon cakes once, with sweet potato and cauliflower... Don't remember using egg though! The only other thing I've done is added it to an omelette which you can't do
  8. amberino21

    report on my first whole30

    Your meals confuse me - you eat a mountain of fat (5 egg yolks and nuts for a meal?), protein and extremely limited vegetables. you are also exercising but not refuelling or giving your body the nutrients for recovery after your workouts. whilst you're eating healthy foods, IMO you aren't eating healthily. I would suggest cutting the nuts and dried fruit, and sticking to other fat options and fresh produce, with fruit in appropriate porions. try to stick to the template like chris has suggested with at least 2-3 cups of vegies per meal. you mention not knowing how much to eat to feel full - could this perhaps be because you're lacking nutrients and your body is still sending you signals to find them?
  9. amberino21

    New to Whole 30 and ready for a change

    I'm not quite sure what you mean about how you ate for 30 days, but a 10lb loss in a month is fantastic. Slow and steady weight loss is much more sustainable than drastic change as it's generally the result of adopting realistic lifestyle changes. You've managed to maintain your weight which is amazing! You may have also experienced a change in body composition, gaining muscle and losing fat, which wouldn't be evident by the scale number. It sounds like you've also achieved some other benefits from eliminating certain foods
  10. amberino21

    START DATE: 26th November

    Is you lettuce fancy, curly stuff or big leaves? Big leaves make great wraps - fill with shredded vegies, meat, herbs/flavour, avo/mayo and roll up. Yum!
  11. amberino21

    Starting Dec 5th!

    I generally have a similar length day to you - sometimes getting up earlier. I tend to get ready and have breakfast as late as possible (within the hour), lunch at 1, dinner at 7. Unless I'm training, then I get a sort of preWO at about 4, postWO 7, dinner 730-8. Some days I split my meal 1 or 2 into two sittings, not very often though. If you can't survive on 3 meals, you could have a mini meal in the afternoon, before having dinner a bit later. I'd suggest increasing your meal sizes, eating evenly around the plate and saving any leftovers for these purposes. I've noticed you're still entering food on MFP - there is a lack of vegetables and fat. Try to have 2-3 cups of vegies per meal, and 1-2 serves of fat according to the template.
  12. amberino21

    Allergies Are Making My Head Spin!

    Thinking of your first meal as meal 1 instead of breakfast would be a food place to start - I rarely ate nuts or avo during my whole 60 (nuts twice, avo for a week or two) and usually only had eggs at breakfast....cutting these three things out may not be so difficult if you think about having leftovers (or whatever you'd eat for meal 2/3) instead of "traditional" breakfast foods.
  13. amberino21


    I don't use a lot of fat to cook - I usually bake, or just add a bit of water, or rely on the fat in the meat I'm cooking. I add a bit when I'm cooking eggs as they always stick Adding fat after cooking just means I get to add more mayo or make dressings/sauces for salads vegies and meat.
  14. I love my breakfast - I make a tomatoey based vegie sauce with mushroom, zucchini, sweet potato (all chopped quite small), loads of garlic, chilli, coriander and spices, and tomato purée. This can be made in bulk. I heat up a couple of cups while I cook my eggs, omelette style, then put the sauce on to one half, cover in fresh coriander and fold it over. I have it with broccoli and add mayo You can make it quicker by stirring the eggs through the sauce as it heats, or cracking them in to the sauce, putting a lid on and cooking til the whites set.
  15. amberino21


    I have a dishwasher! My plates are never that oily, and I tend to add fat after cooking so my cookware doesn't require more than a wipe on most occasions. If stuff gets baked on I simmer some water in the pot and get the bits off before cleaning. You can get metal mesh covers for your pans to stop splatter during cooking