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First day of second attempt!


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Well hello everyone.

Today is my second attempt at the whole 30 program and it was also my first day.

Holy crap it was hard! Work provides ample opportunities to munch on cookies.. Lollies and soft drink. And these were hard to avoid but I successfully completed my first day! But oh hell there is still 29 to go.

I kept thinking to myself how the hell am I going to do this!

Which brings me back to why I am doing this. I started crossfit three years ago and have recently moved to a small country town where there is no crossfit and have taken up more long distance running. I am hoping to complete the Disney land marathon next year. However recently despite my best efforts, I have gained weight and this has made me slightly uncomfortable when running, so my training has suffered. Hence the whole 30. I want to reconnect with the nutrition I had when doing crossfit.

So here we go. 1 down and 29 to go.

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Well I'm not even halfway through my second day and the craving for starchy carb food has hit the all time high! People around me are consuming cake and biscuits and we even have a lunch on offer today.

I know deep down that these cravings are normal but I kinda feel like hiding away from these people and the temptation. And I'm a massive sweet tooth so it's very very very hard. My only saviour at the moment are glorious mandarins! And even then I need to limit myself to two a day (bad yes I know).

All the people I read on here who have completed the challenge are very strong and I'm impressed. You guys are keeping me going!

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You're doing great! You can do this!!!


Last Saturday at my office they brought in donuts, kolaches, eclairs, cake, and homemade burritos. IN ONE DAY! I wanted a donut SOOOOO badly, and the whole breakroom smelled like sugar. 


At the end of the day, everyone was complaining about how bad they felt and how much they needed to work out to burn off all the sweets they ate! It made me realize that a temporary moment of sugary bliss isn't worth my health. 


Remember that we are worth so much more than the momentary joy of a donut. We deserve to be healthy and energetic!  :D

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Thanks KellyPete! When I finished the day it was definitely worth it.

Now the challenge for today is to avoid munching on the lollies supplied in training that sit right in front of you. Thankfully I am the presenter so I will just have to avoid them during breaks.

I don't know if its my imagination but I am already feeling less bloated. When I woke up this morning I didn't have that mini sticky out tummy, and that made me smile.

The hard part at the moment is that last time I attempted this I got amazing results (before stuffing up) but I was doing a lot of exercise. At the moment the temp is sitting around minus two and its too bloody cold to exercise outside or do a hell of a lot. So I am trying to focus on the nutrition side rather than overall effects.

So far this week I have decided to try two new recipes and I am loving them. The whole 30 kinda forces you out of your comfort food zone and helps you experience amazing things.

Well crossed fingers for training today and I will see you all on the other side. :)

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Hey KellyPete!

It went well, I only made one stuff up which was lunch and only because there was nothing but sandwiches available. So i figure in the grand scheme of things it's better than munching on lollies all day.

I was so amazingly tired from training all day that I was in bed by 8pm... And slept like a log! Yet still yawning this morning.

Day four today and I am yet to experience a lot of the tiredness or crabbiness that I have heard about.

Today my treat to myself is water with a dash of lime! I love it and its surprisingly healthy. So I hope it conforms to the whole30.

Not sure what I am going to have for dinner tonight. I may make egg pie or something of the sort.

Hope you all have a good day.

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Epic fail today!

Work surprised me with a sensation cup for my confirmation of permanent employment. So I ate it as they were standing there watching me..... I would have felt bad otherwise as none of them understand or comprehend healthy eating!

Do I now count back to day one or strike it off and keep going?

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And I agree. But maybe be a little bit more encouraging next time you say something to a new starter.

Eg. Great job starting but yes you need to start again. Or well done for starting your whole 30 but I would recommend starting again to ensure whole30 compliance and getting the whole experience.

Just some feedback.

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