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First Whole30 Results!


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Day 31 - 8/8/13




                                                     Before        After       Change

Weight -                  227.8 lb      217.0 lb    -10.8 lb
Waist (at belly button) -  46   in       43.5 in    - 2.5 in
Natural waist -            41   in       37.5 in
    - 3.5 in  
Hips -                     50   in       48   in
    - 2   in

Thigh -                    29.5 in       28.5 in    - 1   in

Upper Arm -                15.5 in       15.5 in    - 0   in

Bust -                     46.5 in       45   in    - 1.5 in


Total inches lost  = 10.5


- I feel incredible. I have a TON of energy to play with my kids, even after a long day at work, and I have an easier time maintaining a positive outlook.
- I used to be a chronic snacker. I can't believe how much time I used to spend thinking about food: when I last ate, when I could reasonably eat again, what I should eat, if I could justify what I was eating, etc etc. Now I eat three meals a day and don't feel hungry in between. I have completely lost my craving for unhealthy foods (including pizza - formerly my biggest vice). I feel absolutely SET FREE.
- I had been ovulating slightly late (CD 19-20 and creeping later), having short-ish luteal phases, and long-ish cycles. This month I ovulated on CD 15, had a 13 day LP, and a 28 day cycle. Bang, normal. The whole30 did nice things for my hormones.
- My husband's chronic/recurring shoulder tendonitis is completely gone - something months of physical therapy couldn't do.
- My husband's weird GI tract is healing and he's experiencing much less gas, bloating, diarrhea, and other symptoms of GI distress.


I love this way of life.  I fully intend to continue.  I'm going to relax on a little dairy and a little added sugar (read, bacon :) ) for about a week and a half, then I'd like to get right back on Whole30 and do it again! 


This is so much easier than anything else I've ever done for my health, and has better, quicker results!

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Great job Askins!  I'm with you--echo everything you said.  I'm "between whole 30s" at the moment.  For some reason I'm waiting until September 1st to start the next one.  Maybe just to get with a sizable group of people starting up together.  Your results are wonderful!

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