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A Reintro Suggestion

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Hello all! I don't know how often Melissa and/or Dallas check this forum, but I have a suggestion for modifying the reintroduction schedule post-W30. I did this myself when I was reintroducing some foods to test for food allergies, and it proved very beneficial.


Instead of combining soy with other legumes on my reintro day, I ate legumes minus soy, ate W30 compliant for two days, and THEN tested soy as I suspected I had a sensitivity. Indeed I did! I had no problems eating some black and/or pinto beans, but I broke out in rashes from soy. Had I lumped them all together, I wouldn't have known the cause for sure. Since soy is one of the Big 8 allergens, it seems to me that many people might also benefit from this separation.


Just a suggestion! Thanks to everyone on this forum who supported me (directly or indirectly) through my first Whole 30. :)

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