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Finally! The right approach.


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I guess I'm what's known as a lurker.  I have been in the background for more than a month now reading posts, studying the Whole30, reading "It Starts with Food", and hoping for what could be.  It is now time to share my experience so that others will realize this could be the approach you need to get healthy.  


I have no problem falling in love with a concept like the Whole30, but I'm not so great when it comes to the execution.  I doubted my resolve when I started just after July 4th.  However, the tough love/zero tolerance, no gray areas was just what I needed.  In my mind, dietary and other matters are either "yes" or "no".  I don't do "maybe" and "some" very well.  If one donut a week is okay, then why not one a day or even one right now?  I don't think I could ever operate successfully under any kind of an 80/20 setup.  As soon as stress starts, that 20% is going to get the fuzzy math treatment.


How radical it seemed, no sugar???  How could I possibly?  I have been consuming excess amounts of sugar since I stopped nursing... that's right around 47 years. Dairy seemed easier, but still.  Well, with the sugar and creamer gone, coffee went as well.  This did not sound pleasant.


Week 1 was probably easier for me than my family.  I had a bit of a hair trigger and some anger management issues for a good stretch there.  It was torture not to weigh because I dropped a belt knotch in the first 10 days.  But, the "NO, YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" made it easier.  No means No.  


Week 2 - 4 were about the same.  I didn't feel lots better, but I had improved.  There were rarely sugar cravings.  I seemed to be doing more chores around the house.  So I think it was so gradual I didn't see any quick improvements.  


On the 31st day, I weighed.  I had dropped over 11 pounds and 3% body fat with almost no exercise.  My skin is clearer, I know I am healthier, and I'm happy with what I'm eating now.  No guilt.  No self-condemnation.  I'm now on my second Whole30 with plans to continue until my yearly physical in mid-November.  I'm excited to see just how this years results compare with last.  


Even if you have not been successful with easier approaches, this might be just what you need.

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