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Dawna's first whole30

Dawn B

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Today is my first day and I am feeling confused and overwhelmed with the meal planning.

I think i will post my meals for a few days and hope to get feedback from all of u!

This morning I have had:

3 eggs cooked in ghee with spinach 4 cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach

Small banana

Lunch: tuna with olive oil mayo relish scallions

Red peppers, carrots and whole30 ranch dressing

Not sure about dinner yet. Open to suggestions!!

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Thanks for the replies. I am trying to do a. Protein. Veggie and fat. For each meal

Breakfast: ate but totally screwed up so not worth posting...

Lunch: tuna with mayo, and relish, tbsp of ranch. Carrots and tomato

Dinner: taco meat on a bed of romaine with olives tomatoes and a dollop of guacamole.

How am I doing ???

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