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So, I really want to do this yet on day one I have stalled. I have a graze wound on my knee from when I fell a few weeks ago, it has been infected and is not healing well.

Normally I am in the gym 6 days a week but wound dressing issues have stalled this. I was sure I was ready. Daily my meals 1 and 2 are good. But clearly I have issues as post 4 pm given a chance I become a carb/sugar monster! This is really annoying. I know I have the capacity to do this, I have done very similar before. That was a diet with restrictive portions so his should be a breeze!

I am stressed I admit. I have my own business and we struggle month to month just now. It does not help but the gym helps

I promise myself right here and now that I am going to do this. I am back in work tomorrow and should have a limb protector for my knee. This means I should be able to go to the gym again but I will do the food whatever. Today's stall was an unplanned cake walk! No more cake now. I can't remove everything just yet but all the fake stuff will be gone by end of week

In the meantime, I will star over. Day 1 tomorrow but no excuse to keep slipping tonight

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Okay. I made it through day one at last! I know it isn't going to be easy but I am trying hard. I have made some meals in advance and am ready as best as I can

The knee is still not good but hoping today will see turnaround at nurse visit.

1 meal at a time

Pepper frittata for breakfast

Beef roll ups lunch

Ground beef mash up for dinner

That's it for now

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Hi jant! Definitely know how you're feeling not being able to train properly! Hope your knee is better soon.

In terms of cravings, make sure you're meeting the template with every meal, in all elements! It really helps :) It's hard to tell from your description whether you've got enough of anything....

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hi, yes sorry, just a simple list of planned meals but to expand


meal 1

bell peppers and mushrooms sautéed in coconut oil and 2-3 eggs (I shared with husband)


meal 2

sliced beef rolled around spinach and avocado with sweet potato, raw carrot and cucumber.  1 apple


meal 3

ground beef sautéed with onion and cumin with previously stirfried bell peppers, courgette, mushroom etc in coconut oil - probably some fruit, maybe plums


that should be it - lots of water, 1 coffee, lots of green tea


it feels right.  most workdays will be the same meals one and 2, probably change between beef/turkey weekends different matter - but can feel a bbq pending for the weekend.........


the main change is not snacking on biscuits and cake.  I don't do milk, don't miss cheese etc, rarely drink alcohol.  so hoping the sugar withdrawal wont be bad.............


biggest challenge today is a new wound dressing! I don't do blood and pain easily.


thanks for your attention



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