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Restaurants in Sydney


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I'll be heading down to Australia soon for a week in Sydney, where I'll be staying in a budget hotel (no cooking facilities) so I'll be eating in restaurants a lot.  I'm not currently doing a Whole30, but I try to stay as close to compliant as I can.  Does anyone know of any good restaurants that I can try?

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check out www.thr1ve.me  Not Whole30 exactly, but definitely paleo-friendly, located in the heart of the city, and Josh & his team could probably give you some other good options if you posted to their facebook page.

The next place, Earth to Table, is in Bondi Junction.  It's raw vegan, but they do gluten/dairy/etc free.  Might be able to add some pre-cooked protein from woolies/coles.  I'm not sure on soy, but they do sell coconut vinegar, coconut aminos, and kelp noodles as well: 



This place may also provide some options if they are willing to modify (leave off bread, etc.): http://aboutlife.com.au/store/  


A place like http://www.madmex.com.au/  or http://www.guzmanygomez.com/ may give you some options as well, although I haven't checked into their marinades.  I got a pretty compliant bowl from MadMex once, but I was ravenously hungry and my only other option was hospital food...so I got them to leave out the beans/cheese/rice and ate a double portion of meat & veggies without asking questions. http://www.saladworks.com.au/ is another lunch-type option.  

The supermarkets also carry a line of soups that are often vegan/dairy free (darikay, or something like that?) to which you could add some protein.  I've gotten myself stuck a few times & those things have helped me out until I could get a real meal again :)


Also, you should be able to get eggs/tomatoes/mushrooms for a decent brekkie in a lot of places.  My mum was out recently with friends & couldn't find anything compliant on a menu for lunch, so she asked...and they whipped up some eggs with a side of greens just for her.  I have found in general they are less willing to accommodate my requests for changes in Australia than the US, but that doesn't mean they always say NO.  If you can make friends with a cafe near where you're staying, you may find that they will help you out if you explain.  I had that happen to me at a place in Asia recently--they figured out what I would/wouldn't eat and just pointed out my best options when I walked up :)  

Hope that is somewhat helpful!  

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