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Whole30 round 4 log

Cate B.

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Day 1


sleep - 7 hrs, woke at 630am, taught yoga at 7am

breakfast - 830am - pastured pork chop (bone-in), raw kraut, sauteed eggplant, coffee w/ coco milk

lunch - 2pm- pastured pork chop (bone-in), sauteed zucchini & tomatoes, hard pear w/ lemon, water & apple cider vinegar on ice 

dinner - 9pm - baked wild salmon, summer squash, tomatoes, and eggplant, raw cabbage, green apple while baking 


crossfit @130pm

taught yin yoga @ 6pm


need to take supplements consistently and vitamins too

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Day 2



Yesterday was no bueno. I had the worst 1st day of my menstrual cycle I can remember. I traveled a lot this summer, and the past 2-3 weeks prior to starting this Whole30, I'd been consuming a decent amount of yeast, which I know is my top allergy.  So yesterday was filled with intense cramps, overall fatigue, and feeling super hot in the 90 degree Texas weather.


Crossfit @ 8am, which I promptly regretted (didn't start until after I got home), had 1 coconut water after

Breakfast @ 930am - 2 eggs scrambled with leftovers from dinner, wild salmon/summer squash/ eggplant/ tomatoes & a couple tablespoons of raw kraut.....also had a green apple w/ lemon juice. 12 oz of coffee with a splash of coco milk

Snack/Beverage @ 1pm - feeling really bad, had another coconut water, but probably cancelled that out with the 1/2 cup of iced coffee I had trying to wake up

Lunch @ 2pm - same as breakfast, but without the coffee and 1 tbsp of hazelnut/hemp seed butter

Dinner @ 8pm - 6oz proscuitto, way too many sweet potato chips, 1 asian pear, another coconut water


My dinner was super lame, but I was at a point where cooking for myself no longer felt like an option. I know 3 coconut waters in one day is a whole whole lotta sugar. I'm still experiencing a bit of cramping today, but I won't be curled up on the couch all day today from it.  I will say that this is the first whole30 where if I know I might not have made the best choices, I'm not beating myself up like crazy. Maybe I just hurt too much to care? Ha! Or, maybe I realize that this is a process, and I'm fully aware of all the benefits it brings me. I'm okay with patiently waiting for them, and I don't think b/c I had too many coconut waters and sweet potato chips on day 2 that I won't be able make it into the whole30 sweet spot. 

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