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Whole30 round 4, take 2

Cate B.

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So Whole30 life was going along nicely, and then I chose to give it up at my brother-in-law's birthday dinner at a local craft Tequila bar (an up and coming trend in Houston). On the upside, having done multiple Whole30s already, and plenty of whole15s in between, I at least know what less than stellar foods really hurt me and what don't. So, I didn't drink wine, but I did partake in some very nice tequila. I had no dairy, but I enjoyed dessert when I discovered they had small batch coconut ice cream with nothing but coconut milk, coconut sugar, and orange essence water. I stayed away from the flour tortillas, and enjoyed ceviche and carne asada.  


My one huge discovery over the last year has been that wine makes me feel like I'm an alcoholic. I have a pretty high yeast allergy, and the combo of yeast, sugar, and something else that wine possesses makes me feel like ass. It also makes me crave more of it while I'm drinking it. I end up wanting to crappier foods, and I go to sleep contemplating what delicious off-road meal I'll enjoy in the morning. I typically don't want said meal once the morning rolls around, but it's a whole psychological clusterf*ck. 


I also noticed that I have never completed a Whole30 in the fall, though I started plenty. February - August work swimmingly. I started thinking about this. Maybe it's because 90% of my friends and family have birthdays starting in August through January? That coupled with the holidays and a festival almost every weekend of September and October makes for a lot of room to deviate when I'm only partially completed. 

Point being, I laced back up my Whole30 shoes yesterday, right after awaking from my off plan meal Saturday night. I feel good about it - but more importantly I feel good that I didn't go nuts when I ate out. I know I can complete a Whole30, but I struggle more when I'm supposed to be making decisions after Whole30 life. That piece of the puzzle is what has always lacked. I let foods creep in one after the other - thinking it's just this once but then forgetting that I keep letting it be "just this once." 


We'll see how this next 30 days goes.  Today is Day 2. 

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