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Begin again


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Ok! So a few days behind schedule but here I am :)

Pumped about starting tomorrow. I so need this. Have not been as focused on my self and my health as I should have been this last few months.

Sleep is now officially a priority.

As is greens. And lots of water. And no dairy or wheat. I'm on this, gonna do it.

Happy whole30 people!


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Today is a great day!

Up early for yoga.

Veggies and hard boiled eggs for breakfast.

Sardines, broccoli, and avocado for lunch.

Handful of raw almonds as a snack.

Dinner will be roast chicken with some sweet potato and Brussels sprouts.

Early to bed (tired already) and up early again for more yoga tomorrow.


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Day 2!

Yesterday was fine, pretty much as planned but I didn't have the sweet potato and I did have some nuts and a chai tea with coconut milk.


Same early morning yoga, same for breakfast.

Out for lunch, will have to see what I can lay my hands on.

Dinner will be roast chicken again, with broccoli and avocado.

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Nearly jumped on the scales this morning. Whoops!

Exercise plan is yoga every morning this week, then an interval run on the weekend.

Next week will be a bit more balanced, exercise-wise, with a combination of yoga, running and walking, and bodyweight exercises and plyos at home.

This weekend I have family visiting and might be tempted to drink. If I do, no problems, will just start again. I'm not going to put myself under too much pressure about it.

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Lunch yesterday turned out to be a laksa sans noodles and tofu. It had a curry drumstick, some sliced fish and chicken, an egg, mung bean shoots and soup. Yum!

Dinner was just the chicken and avocado, no Brussels sprouts.

Snacked on nuts (100g over the day, is that too much?) and tea with coconut milk.

Went to bed early last night, 9:30, which made the 5:30 start for yoga a bit more bearable.

Today it's been veggies and hard boiled eggs for breakfast. I found one half squashed egg from yesterday in my handbag... And made another two, so three eggs in total!

Lunch will be Brussels sprouts and sardines.

Then a pre WO bit of roasted chicken after work at 5:30, and possibly a quick nap, gonna be a big night! Crossfit at 6:30pm. Post WO meal of more chicken and some pumpkin-sweet potato soup. Then out again to a gig. Maybe another nap in between hehe. Because its up early again tomorrow for more yoga...

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Yesterday, what a day!


Lunch was actually broccolini with sardines, have to say broccolini is my favourite green.


Pre-workout was a quarter chicken. Workout was hardcore but fun! Then dinner was a big bowl of pumpkin and sweet potato soup with coconut milk and chilli. The gig was also great, lots of dancing to be had.


Today was a late starter. Early yoga and then straight home for more sleep. Breakfast was poached eggs and smoked trout on - you guessed it - broccolini :) with some chilli added for a little spice. Pretty slow moving today, took me a while to get fired up.


Late lunch of the final quarter of my chicken. Followed by those brussels sprouts, finally.


Snacked on a handful of nuts earlier, then just had dinner of two soft-boiled eggs, more smoked trout, spinach, and a dollop of homemade mayo. Delish!


I've been loving tea with coconut milk, sadly I've just run out and can't be bothered going to the shop for some more.


Feeling pretty good so far! Nice clean energy. Don't know why I ever stray from this way of eating, I do love it. You know what happens? I start with one thing and it becomes a slippery slope. I need to accept that there can't be "just one milky coffee" or "just one sandwich" or "just one piece of chocolate". Not at the moment anyway. Maybe there will be a day when I can do that but for now it's really all or nothing.

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I took a break on the weekend due to family visiting. No problem, went out for some lovely meals and delicious cocktails.


So starting again tomorrow :) today I have had some milk in my coffee already and a piece of toast.


I've got a great box full of veggies in the fridge, and a ham hock. I think I'll cook up a big stew today to get me through the week.

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OK - so back to day 1 today.


Breakfast was two hard boiled eggs with spinach and homemade mayo.


Got my ham hock boiling away on the stove and also have a leg of lamb to cook up next. No shortage of meat for the week! There's also a fridge load of vegetables.


I'm going to cut out the caffeine now, too. I think it's not doing me any favours, adrenally speaking.

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Yesterday went by just fine. Day 2 today.

Lunch and dinner yesterday was my ham stew with some greens on top. Exercise was a little 5k run.

This morning I'll have eggs and greens for breakfast. Lunch will be more stew, and dinner some roast lamb with veg.

I've got a nasty cold and am feeling rotten.

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