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Starting Monday, Sept 9th


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Hello! I'm excited to begin on Monday. I've been an athlete my whole life, and have struggled with nutrition and weight since I can remember. Only recently have I realized that looking and feeling okay about my body is not dependent on working out 15+ hours a week, but rather what I eat. I don't consistently train that much anymore, so I figure my time can be spent sautéing veggies :)


I'm signing up for my first ironman on Monday, so I thought it would be good to set the tone of my year of training with a month of clean eating. I'm not overweight, but I certainly don't have the body of a cyclist or runner, so if I drop a few pounds in the process, that'd be great! Mostly I'm looking to change my relationship with food.


I've been cutting down on gluten and processed food for the past few weeks, but need to hold myself responsible to this program to entirely cut it out. Giving up sweets will be hard too!


Hope someone will join me! Best wishes!

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Hi there!


I tried my first whole 30 on july 29th this past year, but had to cut short at just 13 days due to an unexplained illness/injury that took a while to figure out. I was given the okay to go back to normal eating habits, so I set my sights on starting Sept 9th. The july 29th crew was very supportive, so I am hoping we can get a good group going for 9/9!


Crumbly- I am a very active person and diet is a huge part of the whole package... I did really well on my 13 days, although the first 5 days were pretty difficult. Looking forward to going on our whole 30 journey together!

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I'm on Day 1, too. This is my second attempt at a Whole 30 after dropping the ball on Day 19 (grumble).


This time around I am really trying to stay focused on the whole picture:

1. Protein, veggies, and fat EVERY MEAL

2. No snacking (for me, this means not eating while preparing meals)

3. Early bedtime

4. Stress management (I'll be trying to meditate daily)


oh, and one other thing: NO ALMOND BUTTER! seriously, that stuff is like crack to me. I just can't have it around. I have some sunbutter in the cabinet for sauces, but I'm not as big a fan of the flavor, so I won't be hitting the jar up... I hope.


Happy to be here with y'all!

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@ carrot_flowers I am a runner first, weightlifter and dancer second. I am not the speediest in the bunch and consider myself more of an ultrarunner (when I am all healed up), right now I am just doing short 3-5 mile runs... over labor day weekend, I did a 7.9 leg of a half marathon relay and had a good run. The past few days I have been lazy and taking it easy to help nurse my injury, but my goal is to get up and do 2 miles tomorrow!


Thanks for the Mayo help... I am going to be whipping some up this weekend!



Edited to Add- will cross post this to other Sept 9th thread as well!

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