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Barb's Whole30 Journey

Barb E

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Whole30 - Day 1

Blood sugar 109
Puffy eyes
Joints in hands and feet hurt
Shoulder hurts

Breakfast-2 eggs scrambled w/left over pork chop and fresh tomatoes.  Didn't note time I ate.
Lunch-Salad w/Romaine, Spinach, kale, carrots, cabbage (premade kale salad from n seasons), cucumber, bacon and Bragg Dressing.  Didn't not time
Dinner-Yellow Bell Pepper stuffed with burger, bacon, asparagus, broccoli and an egg cooked on top YUMMY!!!  So good I ate both halves!

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Whole30 Day 2

Woke up about 2:00 AM but went right back to sleep.  Woke up again about 3:30 dozed until alarm at 4:00.
CrossFit at 5:00


I can not figure out what/how much/etc to eat before I go and not worry about puking!  

Breakfast - 3 eggs scrambled w/left over pepper "stuffing" from last night.
Lunch - Ground beef, sautéed Broccoli and Asparagus, pineapple/mango salsa
Dinner - Ground beef, sautéed Broccoli, handful of Blueberries


Today at CrossFit

WOD - Score is rounds + reps
4 rounds, rest 2 minutes between rounds
AMRAP 3 Minutes
4 Hang Power Clean 75/115 (40 pounds groovy.gif it felt good to lift!)
5 Push Ups (Started feet moved to knees)
6 V-Ups (hands down and more of a W rofl.gif hard to explain the scale/mod for this one)

Round 1 = 2+4
Round 2 = 3
Round 3 = 3+4
Round 4 = 3+1
I had to settle in with lifting again hence the improvement 1-3 and by round 4 I was tired rofl.gif

Finisher - 8 round Tabata (20 seconds on 10 seconds off)
Score is lowest number of any round

Started with 10 in the first round and was down to 4 per round by about the 4th round

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Hi barb! Your meals sound pretty good in the protein and vegies (although day one lunch had no protein?), always aim for 2-3 cups of vegies and don't forget to add sufficient fat.

For your workouts, could you have a couple of HB eggs as soon as you wake up? Don't forget you postWO too - lean protein and starchy carbs (vegies like sweet potato, pumpkin etc)

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Thanks Amberino21 for the tips!

There actually was also some grilled chicken in that salad at lunch on day 1


I still don't quite get the food before the WOD when it's so early in the morning.  So I'm munching on some groud beef, but I'll be in class in 45 minutes - so where will this food be sitting then and will I be getting any benefit from it?

Is it just the signal that I'm going to be working really hard in a short while?




Day 3 morning - feel puffy and a bit spacey

CrossFit today includes testing 1 Rep Max for Front Squat - I'll be happy if I can just do one :lol: without fallin' on my butt!

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I found today that it's not a good idea for me to do that :huh:  as that is the first time ever that I felt a bit edgy on the stomach!


What I did do differently though is I ate sooner when I got home and I didn't count that as my breakfast which I normally do!




Oh and though I didn't fall on my butt on my Front Squat I did have to bail out sooner than I wanted to - dang shoulder mobility!!

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Day 3 - what does the timeline say?  Hangover?  Yeah.  I thought I might miss this one since I really didn't eat as far off as many folks but :D I was a tad off track the last month or so...hence my decision to do this now.


Ok today

Post WOD - Ground Beef and Sweet Potatoes with a bit of spinach

Breakfast - 2 eggs, spinach, bacon

Lunch - Giant Salad - protein was beef

Dinner - Was out and about so stopped and visited with friends - salad w/Chicken Breast and a bit of Vinaigrette


CrossFit Today



Front Squat 1RM

I don't have a Front Squat and intended to simply make sure I could do something other than a Goblet Squat and not fall on my butt!

As I added weight I realized I was going to get too tired getting the bar into position and so decided to use a rack after all.

It wasn't long after that that I had to bail the bar at 60 pounds.

Strength isn't the issue, mobility is, my frickin' shoulders!! Well my wobbly core didn't help - can I blame Whole30 for that?



3 Rounds

10 min. cap

Barbell Weight: 65/95

14 Forward Stepping Front Rack Lunges (Started as suitcase but then went to just air - Wobbly Core strikes again! )

14 KB Swings 1.5/1p (20 pound Kettle Bell)

7 Good Mornings w/ KB in Goblet Position (20 pound Kettle Bell)




The hardest thing today?
To not step on the scales - which are buried in the closet


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Welcome Day 4 - You suck.


Slept like crap last night and that after I bragged yesterday that I had already noticed I was sleeping better!!


I don't know if I'm behind and still in hang over or if I jumped ahead into taking a nap but I could so just go back to bed. 



I wonder if I drank too much Kombucha yesterday?  I did have several glasses - it was SO yummy on such a hot day!  I'll try to limit that today.

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Breakfast was tasty!


2 eggs scrambled with Broc and Peppers on a bed of baby spinach and some Coconut Oil drizzled over




I do hope the eggs are enough protein - usually I have meat in the morning too but no work out today and my body wasn't screaming for it so I didn't add any

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Lunch was salad (same basic as earlier in the week since I make a giant tub up ahead of time) and the last of the ground beef.


There wasn't lot of beef so I cut up one of the Jerky Sticks from Gourmet Grassfed and through that in. 

That was at about noon - it's 2:23 and I want to crawl in bed and take a nap


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