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Breastfeeding mama's Post Whole 30


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I finished my Whole 30 yesterday!  I am a breastfeeding first time mama of a 4 month old baby.  I am feeling well overall.  Better.  I have had fewer breakouts, more energy, slightly better sleep.  And honestly, I am surprised!  I really was skeptical, as I had been eating pretty clean previously.  


I am really benefitting from the 3 (or more) large meals a day, as I was so so so hungry (breastfeeding makes me ravenous).  This kind of eating helps me feel less hungry, and therefore less snack-y.  


I have not weighed myself, mostly because I haven't had access to a scale (we don't have one at home).  I did not do body measurements before.  


While I am up about 10# postpartum, I realize that I might need this extra weight to keep feeding my baby, as some mamas hold on to it.  Apparently it's a myth that it "melts off" for all women who breastfeed.  I actually gained fat when I had my baby, even though I lost all of my pregnancy weight when I had her.  Something "they" don't tell ya.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping to lost some fat in my belly though.  I still have a pooch.  


I do not plan on doing the reintro because I don't feel the need or desire to eat grains, legumes, dairy, etc.  I was not really eating them before, so why add them in?  I will, however, allow myself to indulge when something just seems amazingly good or fabulous.  And I will then see how my body responds.  I want to continue feeling well!  


I am shocked every day by how much I need to eat in order to feel well and satisfied.  But this is the deal.  


Here's what I am still working on:


*taming the late night munchies (happened 3-ish times a week during my W30, where I would be so hungry at night I would snack on celery and sun butter or coconut butter and a banana)


*reducing my decaf coffee intake (I have 16 oz, twice a day)


*being more intentional with my workouts (I workout almost daily, but it's kind of random - some kettle bell swings here, some lunges there, squats, etc. I also do interval walk/jog/runs)


*less munching on food when I prepare it (it's usually a bite of what I'm making here and there, but it is mindless)


*eating more slowly (I wolf my food down, partially because I have an infant who demands that she be held most of the day, but partially because I eat super fast, which is an old, anxiety-driven behavior)


Here's my log for day 1 post W30:


M1: 3 eggs, kale, mushrooms, sauerkraut, 1/2 avocado, organic chicken sausage, decaf coffee with coconut milk, gelatin, and cinnamon


Exercise: 50 minute interval walk/jog/sprint


M2: (post workout snack) bit of delicata squash, 2 slices applegate organic turkey


M3: Chicken and veg soup, olives, carrots and baba ghanoush, kombucha


M4: 2 egg/veg muffins, handful of cherry tomatoes, 16 oz. decaf black tea with coconut milk


M5: Chocolate Chili from Well Fed with 1/2 avocado and a wee bit of delicata squash




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Day 2 Post W30


Another rainy day in Boulder.  :(  Luckily, even our basement is dry!  We are sad for all the people who are lost, missing loved ones, etc.  


My baby woke up at 6:30 today, which is way earlier than normal!  Actually I am an early bird so I don't mind it, but I had been used to her getting up at 9:30 (seriously!).  She still wakes up every two hours, so it doesn't make much of a difference to me.  I ate breakfast earlier than usual.  


I did pretty well avoiding the mindless munching while making meals.  I also avoided having (decaf) coffee twice, which was a big success as it's cold outside and I was really craving the sweetness of coffee and coconut milk.  I went with decaf green tea, which was refreshing.  


M1: 2 eggs, 1 chicken sausage, sauerkraut, 1/2 avocado, mixed greens with balsamic vinegar, cherry tomatoes, decaf with coconut milk, gelatin, and cinnamon


M2: Leftover Chocolate Chili, small sweet potato with coconut milk, kombucha


M3: Can of sardines, 1/2 avocado, 3-4 small olives, handful plantain chips, decaf green tea


M4: Chicken thighs, carrots, mixed greens with balsamic, cherry tomatoes


Exercise: 100 kettle bell swings, 100 squats, 100 lunges, 30 push-ups (rained like crazy all day again - no walk) 

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Day 3 Post W30


Today I was home all. day. long.  Usually I try to run an errand or something, but aside from a couple walks outside, we were home.  This is hard for me, for some reason.  


Anyway, overall a good day, although I did succumb to the evening time, still-hungry munchies that I am working on eliminating.  Luckily, I ate mindfully and with intention (not munching at the counter, etc.).


M1: 3 eggs, kale/cabbage, 1 chicken sausage, sauerkraut, 1/4 avocado, decaf coffee with coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon


Exercise: 45 minute walk/jog/run (interval) with stroller


M2: Leftover Chocolate Chili (not much at all, so...), 2 egg/veg muffins, 1/2 sweet potato, kombucha


M3: 3 slices organic turkey, baba ghanoush with peppers, mini carrots, few olives, rooibos tea


Exercise: 20 minute walk with baby in front carrier (man, she's heavy - about 20 lbs now...and only 4 months old!)


M4: Balsamic Braised Beef Short Ribs (Practical Paleo - yum!), Golden Cauliflower Soup (Clothes That Make the Girl), kale sautéed in coconut oil


M5: Banana with organic sunbutter/coconut oil mix 


Phew!  I'm tire today.  Over and out.  

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Day 4 Post W30


I am so excited!  There is a paleo restaurant in Boulder!  Fresh Thymes Eatery.  You would think there would be one already, but this is the first.  I should say it's mostly paleo.  They even have paleo desserts (I was tempted, but resisted.)  They even have grab and go.  And they sell Steve's Paleo Kits.  Anyway, can you tell I'm excited?


M1: 1/2 org chicken breast, 1.5 eggs (egg accident, don't ask about the .5), cup of leftover cauliflower soup, sauerkraut, decaf coffee with coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon


M2: Lunch out at Fresh Thymes: steak, two sides (both salad-types - one Mediterranean with olives, artichoke hearts, etc, one more tomato/cucumber-based).  This food was all really tasty, but was not enough, hence M3 2 hours later...


M3: (snack portions) Some butternut squash with coconut milk, leftover short ribs from last night, kombucha


M4: 1 can salmon over greens, Tessemae's dressing, couple olives, grape tomatoes, handful plantain chips, banana with sun butter/coconut oil (wasn't satisfied, so added the banana in at the end of dinner)


Exercise: 1 hour hike with stroller, African singing/dancing class with my baby in the front carrier

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Day 5 Post W30


Today was okay.  I was a bit snacky, but ate good foods.  Had lunch at Whole Foods (The WFds here has a huge food court - including a stand called Greens, Beans, and Grains.  They also have meat at the stand.  When I eat from that stand I order double greens, a sweet potato, and meat + red sauce and veggies on top.  It just funny to me to be ordering one of the three things they advertise as "healthy".)  I wish they had avocado or something, because I think there wasn't enough fat in my lunch...I suppose I could buy an avocado from produce and eat some with my meal, eh?)  


Super bonus of having a huge Whole Foods? Locally made kombucha...on tap!  Love it!  We buy it by the growler.  Ah, Boulder.  


Oh, and I was so completely tired today.  Still adjusting to my baby's new wake-up time.  This also resulted in decaf coffee later on, which is something I am trying to avoid.  So I broke a couple of my rules today, but am not going to beat myself up about it.  


I'm not sure if I am ready to do this, but I am thinking of doing away with plantain chips.  They are becoming a too-often thing.  


M1: Cauliflower soup with spinach mixed in, 2 eggs, 1 org. chicken sausage, sauerkraut, decaf coffee with coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon


M2: (post work out - not a meal at all, really) handful of plantain chips


M3: Kale, spinach, 1/2 sweet potato, rosemary chicken breast, red sauce, other veggies on top (from aforementioned stand at Whole Foods); kombucha


M4: 4 slices org. turkey, 1/2 small avocado, another handful of plantain chips, sliced cucumber, decaf coffee with coconut milk...to be honest the plantain chips were more random.  I had some with this meal, a few later on when I husband was snacking on them, etc.  This is something I am trying to avoid.


M5: Bison & Butternut Cocoa Chili from Practical Paleo (wee-hoo, spicy! Hope my baby tolerates my milk after this...tracking); some more squash on the side with coconut milk, mixed greens with 2 tsp. evoo and balsamic


Exercise: 1 hr. brisk walk with stroller (morning); 30 min. walk in evening

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Day 6 Post W30


Argh.  I am really craving a treat!  Like, for real.  I had very few, if any cravings for a baked treat throughout my W30, but now I am craving it.  So I am considering making a yummy paleo treat (I no longer crave super sweet stuff/traditional "junk" food).  Like some sort of muffin.  


Today was meh with food.  And I had kombucha twice.  


Very busy day!  No exercise...but I got a massage!  Yeah!  Mayan abdominal massage to help break up scar tissue from my c-section.  


M1: 2.5 eggs, ground beef, kale, sauerkraut, 1/2 avocado, decaf coffee with gelatin, cinnamon


M2: Chili, squash with coconut milk, kombucha


(Took a short trip to Denver, didn't bring food...fished through my purse and found a baggy containing 6 pecans, which tied me over until...)


M3: Baby carrots, guac, Veggie chips (Tyrell's...made with sunflower oil...let's see how this goes...); kombucha


M4: 2 org. chicken sausages, mixed greens, tomato, Tessemae's salad dressing


Totally craving a snack right now but going to have some tea.  

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Day 7 Post W30 (too tired to post last night)


Today I woke up feeling really tired.  Going on a hike helped wake me up, and then I felt well for the rest of the day.  I still have this nagging desire for something sweet and bready.  Maybe it's because it feels like fall.  I realize I have been eating more dense carbs, and I actually feel more satisfied this way.  I will be keeping an eye on my blood sugar.  


M1: 2 eggs, ground beef, kale, sauerkraut, decaf coffee with gelatin, cinnamon


M2: Chili, kale, butternut squash with coconut milk


M3: organic turkey slices, olives, squash, few plantain chips


M4: 3 org., pastured beef hot dogs, salad with mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, Tessemae's dressing, banana with sun butter/coconut oil mixture (the last of the sun butter...don't think I'll buy any more)


Exercise: 1 hour hike with baby in stroller

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I am not posting Day 8 because I don't have time to catch up.  It was a good day until a couple hours after dinner when I ate celery, almond butter, figs, and cashews.  Whaaaa?!  It was kind of like Food Without Brakes.  And I actually felt crappy this morning.  Really crappy.  It wasn't a ton of food, but I just haven't been eating nuts and definitely not dried fruit.  So, I learned my lesson.  I think.  I'm back on track today.


Here's Day 9 


M1: Leftover short ribs, 1 egg, squash, kale, decaf coffee with coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon


M2: 3 eggs, 1 chicken thigh, mixed greens, tomato, balsamic vinegar, 1/2 small avocado, kombucha


M3: grass fed hot dog, handful of olives, baby carrots, baba ghanoush, decaf green tea


M4: Garden Fresh Meatballs from Everyday Paleo (YUM!), 1/2 sweet potato with coconut milk, mixed greens with 2tsp. evoo, balsamic, bite of the crustless quiche I made for this week




Exercise: 15 min walk with my (22lb!!!) baby in a front carrier, 100 kettle bell swings, 100 lunges, 100 squats, 60 push-ups 

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Forgot to mention that yesterday I had...drum roll...Paleo pancakes as part of my breakfast.  The recipe is good, I had 3, and felt awesome afterward.  It was totally worth it.  I also had sausage and kale to round out my b-fast.  No regrets here.  Although...did that set me up for my snacks behavior later in the day?  I'm curious.  


And these pancakes are. so. good.  I have been making them for my hubby because he is experimenting with Paleo (yay!).  


It's funny that I write the way I do.  I know people read this but nobody has replied and I get this weird feeling like I'm talking to myself.  ;)  But I know you are out there.  If you are feeling saucy like me, make these pancakes!  



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Day 10 Post W30


Today was pretty good.  Not much to report.


M1: Swirly Crustless Quiche from Practical Paleo, soup with veggies, chicken sausage, homemade stock, inspired by http://paleoparents.com/featured/stacys-soups/, decaf coffee with gelatin, coconut milk, cinnamon


M2: Leftover meatballs, 1/2 small avocado, mixed greens with balsamic vinegar, carrots, baba ghanoush, kombucha


M3: bit of quiche, few olives, rooibos tea


M4: Ground beef with onion, peppers on bed of mixed greens with 1/4 avocado, salsa, Tessemae's dressing


Exercise: 1 hour brisk walk with stroller

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Day 11 Post W 30


M1: Leftover chili, kale, decaf coffee with gelatin, cinnamon, coconut milk


M2: Mixed greens with 1 can salmon, olives, evoo/balsamic vinegar, and 1/2 avocado (helloooo lots of fats!), kombucha


M3: Decaf coffee with coconut milk, bit o crustless quiche


M4: Garden fresh meatballs, kale, 1/2 small sweet potato...still hungry, so...1 apple with almond butter/coconut oil (sooo hungry today)


Exercise: 45 min walk with stroller, singing/dancing class

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Day 12 Post W30


So, today was not good.  Well,  not bad, but not what I had pictured for my post W30 experience.  I gave in to my sweet tooth a couple times (banana and apple, both with spreads that are like dessert to me - I know, could be worse, but this is an old habit for me that I try to avoid).  


M1: 2 eggs, org. chicken sausage, kale, sauerkraut, decaf coffee with coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon


M2: Banana with coconut cream (I was hungry two hours after eating breakfast...really hungry!  But this is what I ate.  It satisfied my craving, but what's up with the craving/hunger 2 hours later?)


M3: Meatballs, carrots with baba ghanoush, 1/2 sm. avocado, few olives, cherry tomatoes, kombucha


M4: Ground beef fried with peppers/onion over mixed greens, 1/2 small avocado, salsa, bit of quiche, small apple (Honeycrisp. So good) with coconut oil/almond butter mix


Exercise: 1 hour hike with stroller, 90 minute yoga class 


Goals looking ahead: (1)no more almond butter (hubby is trying out Paleo - yay - but this means that he is eating all things Paleo, which includes almond butter to replace his beloved PB...has been hard for me to stay away from it; (2) eat enough during meals.  Seems so obvious, eh? I am considering doing another W30 in October because I clearly did well within the structure.  

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Day 13 Post W30


Sleep was awful last night.  My baby has yet again changed her sleep habits, and for some reason I was having trouble falling asleep after she nursed over night.  I woke up feeling awful - almost like I was getting sick again.  I got some acupuncture today, and am feeling better this evening.


M1: Soup with chicken sausage, homemade broth, lots of veggies; 2 eggs, decaf coffee with coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon


M2: Can of salmon over greens, 1/2 small avocado, few olives, Tessemae's dressing, cherry tomatoes, few plantain chips, banana with coconut butter, kombucha


M3: Grass fed hot dog, carrot with baba ghanoush, few olives, decaf coffee with splash of cream*


M4: Chicken sausage with peppers, onions, tomato sauce, 1/2 med. sweet potato with bit of coconut milk


*So I put cream in my coffee!  And the result was not good.  I mean, this was like 1 tsp!  But my body did not like it, let's just put it that way.  So, confirmed.  No more cream.  Don't need anymore feedback about that.  


Exercise: squeezed in a bit of movement here at the end of the day - 50 kettle bell swings, 100 squats, 50 lunges, 75 push-ups

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just wanted to let you know that i'm reading!! you sound like you're navigating your post whole 30 pretty well - it's great to see you being realistic about your not so good choices and putting plans in place to not repeat things you don't want to turn in to habit!


its funny you mention the pancakes - I've had pancakes since finishing my whole 60, and they don't do anything for me!! i'm much more satisfied with my eggs, vegies and fat :P it's weird, i get protein, and fat in the pancakes, as well as some vegies (i used pumpkin) but the meal is nowhere near as fulfilling mentally or physically as my normal breakfast :)

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Day 14 Post W30


Today went pretty well.  I had a nighttime snack that I have been trying to avoid, but I was still hungry.  No exercise.  :(  It was 45 degrees (!) and rainy all day.  I think I need to be open to going to the gym and having the child care people take care of her.  


M1: 2 eggs, 3 breakfast sausages, kale, 1/2 avocado, sauerkraut, decaf coffee with gelatin & cinnamon


M2: Roasted chicken, carrots, 1/2 sweet potato with coconut oil, kombucha


M3: 2 eggs, celery with coconut butter, rooibos tea


M4: Ground beef with veggies, Broc-Cauli Chowder with Bacon (Practical Paleo)


M5: Celery with almond butter/coconut oil

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Day 15 Post W30


Today was okay.  I felt like total crud/totally exhausted this morning and early afternoon, but got my second wind after lunch - sardines are super food.  I'm still adjusting to the changes in my baby's sleep, and she was up a lot last night.  


M1: 3 eggs, 3 breakfast sausages, sauerkraut, kale, decaf coffee with coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon


M2: Can of sardines, 1/2 avocado mixed greens, few olives, Tessemae's dressing, handful of plantain chips, kombucha


M3: Decaf coffee, lots of coconut milk (maybe 1/2 cup...took some sips from the can)  


M4: Grass fed/org steak (beef - not sure what cut), kale, 1/2 sweet potato, mushrooms sautéed in butter & balsamic vinegar (this meal was so good)


Rooibos tea


Exercise: Jogged 3 miles - it felt sooooo good.  Running/jogging feels great for me emotionally/physically at first, but takes its toll on my knees, so I limit it.  If you have found a workout that has similar psychological/mood enhancing benefits that is not as hard on the joints and adrenals, please let me know!  

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Thanks, Amberino!  Historically, I have been an over-exerciser.  Actually, now that I think of it, this is the lest exercise I have ever done in my adult life.  I used to run 5-7 miles a day (!), plus a million other things.  My adrenals were totally shot.  I ate very little.  So, my relationship with food/exercise has been difficult, to say the least.  I am grateful that I got help for it.  


Anyway, I would *love* to do more weight lifting!  And I need to be more comfortable taking my baby to the child care people at my gym.  So, I resolve to try to do this, as I know that weight lifting helps me feel better mentally. 


Okay, I was so tired last night, I didn't post my Sunday log.  So, here goes.


Day 16 Post W30


M1: (We went out for breakfast! One of my favorite things to do, and we hadn't done it since our baby was born.) Eggs on salad (actual menu item - yay!  I love Tangerine), side of chicken sausage that tasted really sweet, decaf coffee with coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon (I had my coffee at home before we left)


M2: Leftover steak, 1/2 sweet potato, leftover Broc-Cauli Chowder (Practical Paleo), kombucha


M3: Decaf coffee with coconut milk, packet of tuna, few olives, handful of plantain chips


M4: Meatza (from Stupid Easy Paleo) - Beef "crust", tomato sauce, bunch of veggies...did not fill me up at all, so...pear, coconut butter; rooibos tea


Exercise: 3.5 mile hilly hike with stroller


Day 17 Post W 30


M1: 3 eggs, veggies, 1/2 avocado, sauerkraut, decaf coffee with coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon


M2: Can of salmon, few olives, mixed greens, balsamic vinegar, sweet potato with coconut milk, 1/2 avocado, kombucha


Decaf coffee with coconut milk


M3: Well Fed's Chocolate Chili (if you haven't had this, you must!); couple carrots with some baba ghanoush, mixed greens with Tessemae's dressing, and...going with the chocolate theme...I made my own little chocolates (!) with cacao powder, coconut oil, honey (1T), salt, vanilla, coconut flakes.  Yum.  So. Good.  First time I have had chocolate (in something other than the chili) in a long time.  






Exercise: 2 walks today: (1) 4.5 mile walk with stroller; (2) 1 mile walk wearing my baby in a front carrier.  It was a beautiful day outside!  

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Day 18 Post W 30


Today was a good day!  A good day!  Yay!  I realized recently that I haven't felt much *joy* lately.  I mean, I love my baby more than words, but joy in the sense of truly being okay with the world and myself hasn't happened in quite a while.  


Is this because I had chocolate?  Just kidding - well, I did have chocolate, but actually I had trouble falling asleep last night (which never happens initially - I fall asleep very quickly...it's staying asleep that's difficult for me).  Who knows?  Perhaps being a bit more flexible about food helped me feel that way.  I'm sure it's more than food, though.  


Here's the log:


M1: 3 eggs, veggies, sauerkraut, 2 chocolates that I made yesterday (I ate them before breakfast for the caffeine - ha!) decaf coffee with coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon 


M2: Leftover Chocolate Chili, butternut squash with a bit of coconut milk, mixed greens with evoo, balsamic


*spoonful of coconut oil* - so hungry but was in a rush


M3: Chicken thighs, carrots, onion in slow cooker http://www.thespunkycoconut.com/2013/08/slow-roasted-carrots-chicken-thighs.html, kale, pear with almond butter/coconut oil combo


Rooibos tea


Exercise: 5+ mile walk with babe in stroller, African singing/dancing class, 10 minute arm workout (pushups, dips, etc.)

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Day 19 Post W 30


Well, like all things, my bliss was short-lived.  Today I was tired and felt fatigued.  And my back/shoulders/neck are super tight.  I could use a massage.  Food went pretty well.  My snack included almond butter again, and I realize I am just like back in that habit, but trying not to stay there.  And I had decaf coffee twice today, which I was also trying to avoid.  


Does anyone have this experience of following all of these Paleo blogs and getting hungry looking at all of the amazing treats they post?  I feel like I do this thing where I think, 'well, at least my celery/almond butter/coconut oil snack isn't a paleo pumpkin pie'.  I know it's totally an emotional response, but I swear that happens.  This isn't why I had this snack today, but I do this 'lesser of evils' thing.  


M1: 3 eggs, veggies, sauerkraut, decaf coffee with coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon


M2: 2 chicken sausages, mixed greens with evoo, balsamic, 1/4 avocado, kombucha (I was really full for some reason, hence the 1/4 avo and only 1 tsp. evoo, which is never enough for me, but I was following my satiety cues...two hours later, I was hungry for fat of course!)


Snack: Celery with almond butter (~1.5 T) and coconut oil (~1.5 T) mixed, decaf coffee with coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon 


M3: Leftover chicken thighs from last night, mixed greens with evoo, balsamic, canned pumpkin with coconut milk


Exercise: 4.5 mile walk with babe in stroller

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