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September 16 start date


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I am new at this so please be patient!

I am beginning my Whole30 tomorrow (Monday, September 16). My husband is going to be joining me. I also have my Mom, Uncle, & Aunt joining me but we all live a ways apart (1,000 miles).

We have been playing around with Paleo for a few months so the concept isn't new to us.

I will be using this forum for support and encouragement mainly but also as a log of emotions and obstacles.

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Hi Cortney,


How great that you have your family joining you for this, even if they do live far away!


I started my second Whole 30 yesterday. No one else in my family (husband, kids, parents) eats paleo, but they support me in it. Doesn't mean the journey isn't a little lonely, though. 


Good luck to you!

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