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Day 1 (#15) Tomorrow, Sept. 22


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Hey everyone,


I thought I'd try the forum as a way of support this time around. I'm 21 years old and I've just moved to a new city recently. I'm struggling everyday with food and trying to not let it control me but every time I try to "start" a new healthy way of eating I end up binge eating cookies or bread or anything I can find (the other day I had 5 Clif bars...?!). I have the book and I know how to eat healthy, I love vegetables, I work on an organic veggie farm--which is what I've been doing for 7 years now. BUT for some reason, I'm using food emotionally and destroying my body in the process. The previous times I've started doing the Whole30 I would do great for a few days, but then I'd have a drink, or a small amount of sugar that was hidden in something and then I'd say, "oh great, there it goes" and I'd go nuts and eat everything I want to, just to do it. 


I never used to be so bad with emotional eating! So i'm hoping the Whole30 will change my way of thinking about food and clear my mind and help me to think clearly and to be patient with health. I'm not going to "be who I want to be" tomorrow, it's a journey, a process. 


'Before' Issues: 

After eating sugar, dairy, and breads, I feel immediately terrible about it, and my mood decreases and I feel anti-social and in a general bad mood. Don't feel like doing anything, yoga, cleaning, writing. Belly is very full and feel heavy and slow. 


Portion control is out of whack. I'm over-eating just to do it. Just because I like food. I say, "oh I ate bad yesterday, so one more day won't change anything." I feel so far from health, the road ahead seems long and frustrating! 


Eating the way I presently do, is keeping me from doing the things I want to do and feeling good about myself. My self-confidence goes up and down and I want to be more consistently happy and stable, and most importantly PROUD of myself for self-control and will power. Creating the life I WANT. 


Here we go!


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i'm ready!  lets do this!  

i've been playing with paleo on and off for about a year.  but lately my attitude towards food has been horrible.  i've had an all or nothing mentality and seem to be on some sort of tremendous downward spiral.  


"After eating sugar, dairy, and breads, I feel immediately terrible about it, and my mood decreases and I feel anti-social and in a general bad mood. Don't feel like doing anything"


YES!  i totally agree.  not only physically do i feel bad.  i beat myself up about it mentally.  i figure i'm already doing yucky, what harm can come from a chicken nugget meal from mcdonalds.  ugh.  i hate it!


i've come to the realization that i'm pretty sure i'm a binge eater.  :(  i don't like that.  


several years ago i made the conscious decision to become healthy.  i cut out alcohol (the hardest thing!) and practiced very clean eating and i exercised most days of the week.  i felt so good and consequently lost a lot of weight.  


what has happened to that?  the feeling that i had while doing that was AWESOME.  i'm disappointed in myself and that is a yucky thing to feel.  so i need to stop that and do something about it.  


i'm going to go to the grocery store later today to get things i will need to successfully make it through the next 30 days.

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thank you so much for writing that! It helps me to know that i'm not the only one. So often I find myself thinking, why can everyone else do it but me? 


I know the strength is in us, bunzabee!


Let's try and keep each other motivated through the next 30 days.

I pulled out 2 cigarettes from my pack and threw the rest away just now.


I'm excited for the challenge ahead!

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I'm in with you guys, too! I know I'm a binge eater...5 cliff bars...I wish I could stop there. Honestly though, this Whole 30 has helped make me more aware of my emotional connections to food and though I have had to start over repeatedly I have been much better about what I'm doing and several times successful in stopping the behavior. We can do this! Good luck. 

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