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Gearing up to Start...have some concernsI


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I have been paleo (with dairy) for a few years. I run, bike and swim and have managed my energy needs just fine with starchy veggies and fruit. I also found dairy to be incredibly helpful in keeping my caloric intake up. I am doing my first triathlon in mid October and I am very unprepared for it.


I injured my foot and had to take a month off of my routine....that month slid into 2 1/2 and brought with it the mother of all pity parties to include too much sugar and too many processed carbs!


i am eager to shake the sugar dragon but I am worried that with my tri so close that perhaps this is not a good time to dive into the whole30. 


Thoughts? Advice?


I also really love my morning cuppa jjoe, but who doesn't?


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