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A different "What have you been doing?!" story


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I finished my first Whole30 August 27, took a road trip over Labor Day, and since then have been eating mostly Whole30 style with a little more flexibility on dairy and sweeteners and probably three "whatever I want" meals. My physical results after my Whole30 were not magical - a few people have asked if I've lost weight, but it's probably <5 pounds and an inch or two at this point. But I feel better and plan to continue eating this way long-term.


Today I got a massage from my regular massage therapist, who I've been seeing every couple of months for the last year or so (so she knows my body); my last appointment was a week before I started my Whole30. I am (or was!) a high-stress, type A personality with a desk job, so my shoulders and hips are always really tight. The therapist was working on my shoulders today and said "Okay, WHAT have you been doing, because all of a sudden I can get my whole hand under your shoulder blade!" She thought I'd been doing shoulder exercises in yoga classes for the last two months, when really I've barely been to yoga at all. The only explanation I could think of was that the lack of mobility was due to inflammation, and the Whole30 started me on a process that's getting that better. This really was a "side effect" that had never occurred to me!

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