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  1. jent103

    Are the risks worth it?

    My thinking is this, and I am neither a scientist nor a mod, so take it with a grain of salt: If you've already done two Whole30s and haven't noticed anything that, say, makes you need to stay away from gluten or dairy forever due to the dire consequences, the likelihood that you will suddenly do another Whole30 and find yourself completely unable to tolerate a latte after is pretty low. That's not to say that for your entire life you'll be able to do that. Bodies change, and so do our awarenesses, but I doubt it would happen that dramatically. If you're scared to tell your friends to do a Whole30 because something like that might happen to them, well, a) if that does happen, it probably means it's something that's better for their health, and b ) their decision to do a Whole30 is on them. Not you. You can share your experience, point them to ISWF or this web site, but it's their decision. If they're actually angry at you if it turns out pizza makes them sick, that seems like a different issue.
  2. So I was all excited about brewing my own kombucha at first, but about a year ago just basically got overwhelmed with it and wasn't drinking it as much, and neglected my scoby. It sat atop my fridge for months and months, covered. I had a New Year's brunch at my house today and two of my friends got all excited and split it to take home. It doesn't look moldy at all and was still growing. Are there any safety concerns here, or should they feel free to brew?
  3. jent103

    Coconut Flakes

    I like to toast them and add some sunrise spice from Well Fed 2 - great extra fat source at a meal or emergency snack. This is seriously the only way I like coconut! (disclaimer: snacking is not ideal, be cautious if these are a food without brakes, etc, etc )
  4. jent103

    why is rice vinegar okay?

    Yep, rice vinegar is fine as long as there are no added sulfites or other forbidden additives. I believe the only vinegar not allowed is malt vinegar. I think it has to do with the process of making the vinegars, but I'll leave the science to the mods! FYI - if the sunshine sauce recipe is from Well Fed, everything in there is Whole30-approved except for the fruit crisp at the end, I think.
  5. jent103


    A mod may weigh in with official word, but - to me this sounds like legalese/covering their butts. I doubt they've changed the formula to add alcohol. So I'd guess yes (assuming no added sugar post-ferment) unless a mod says otherwise.
  6. LadyM, I was wondering something very similar - mine has been neglected since January, sitting in its hotel on top of my fridge. I checked it for mold and it looks fine, so now that I'm back from a vacation I think it's time to start again!
  7. jent103

    Raw Milk/Cheese

    There are lots of different definitions of Paleo, but there is no dairy allowed on the Whole30 (raw or otherwise) except for clarified butter/ghee, which has had all the milk proteins removed.
  8. jent103

    The crazy things people say

    If it were my mom, telling her "Don't worry - I'm still sinning, just in other ways" would definitely stop that conversation in its tracks.
  9. jent103

    Compliant pickles?

    If there's a Trader Joe's near you, I've found some of their pickles to be compliant. At my "regular" store (a Publix), Bubbies is the only one. But as Chris said, label reading is necessary! And enlightening.
  10. jent103

    The crazy things people say

    Ha! That's hilarious. (My momma's meatloaf recipe has no oats - your coworker's mind would be blown. Though I think it does have bread crumbs.)
  11. I just opened a bottle of hibiscus ginger and it spewed forth like a mighty geyser. I consider it a great personal triumph.
  12. jent103

    BUTTER? Clarifying? Pasture Butter? Help!

    Ghee doesn't have to be grass fed to be compliant (neither does beef or lamb - grass fed is a better choice, but not essential). So you're fine. Not sure about Whole Foods or Wegman's, but I ordered some Pure Indian Foods ghee from Amazon, if that would be helpful.
  13. Hmm... the bottle I had just said ginger juice (along with the "pure love!!!!"), but lemon sounds nice too! I'll taste test it and see.
  14. You're right, kabob - it was hibiscus and ginger. Most of the bottles had a nice gentle fizz to them - enough to tingle but not at all like a GT. All very drinkable and yummy though! I'm right there with you on the shaking, but I wasn't sure how else to tell if they were carbonated or needed to stay out of the fridge for awhile. I'm using GT bottles, so no plastic to tell how hard or soft it is. Hmm. I bottled my third batch last night - all "gingerade" this time. I had my first GT gingerade last week and LOVED it, so I grated probably 1/2-3/4 tsp of ginger into each bottle. I also managed to grate my thumb. It'll probably be worth it.