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RIP Heath -o-Meter

Whole Amy

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I did it...I threw away my scale!  It is officially in the dumpster outside my house, I will never have to get on that thing again and feel terrible about myself!  I have gotten on the scale at least daily for years...except for my whole30 when I stayed off of it and then got on it to find out I had not lost weight and then felt bad!  


What blew my mind when I was looking at it was that it the brand is "Heath-o-Meter"!!!  LOL - it is a far cry from a device that measures health.....for me it was a constant source of pain. 


From now on I will measure my health in the following ways by:

1) Sticking to three meals a day of good protein, fat and carbs

2) How often I am eating in a calm environment sitting down

3) Trying on my jeans to see how they fit

4) Assessing how I am reacting to stress in my life


Today is a new chapter!!!



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