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starting today- sept. 28th!

kerry o

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today is my official start day, although i have been transitioning into this new way of eating as i read the book over the past week. i have already been free of sugar, dairy and grains (no more honey in my tea!), and have been eating many more vegetables and healthy meats, nuts, and LESS fruit.


i am already very aware, through working with a nutritional counselor, who recommended this program, of some of the patterns i need to change: relying too much on caffeine and sugar for energy (even if it's lara bars and apples!), eating at bedtime, not eating enough protein and fats to fuel my activities... i have a lot of emotional attachment to food and have a long history of eating as a means of "managing" my emotions. i have already done a lot of healing in this area and would like to be finally free of these compulsive patterns!


i also have some nagging health issues i am hoping to be free of as a result of changing my diet: chronic back pain, frequent hives break-outs, energy peaks and lows, anxiety and low-level depression, gastric disturbances, and compulsive eating that i am convinced keeps me from being able to shed this extra 5-10 pounds.


one thing i have done to support myself in this transition is to schedule a weekly massage; i am also going to try "visceral manipulation" bodywork to address the chronic inflammatory pain in my abdomen that is related to the pain in my back.


my housemate is doing the whole 30 with me and we are getting together now to plan meals and make a shopping list. my sister is on something like day 15 so we have her example to follow for added inspiration.  hurray!

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day 2! no "hangover" today. and feeling very happy about going 3 nights now without a pre-bedtime snack! i made myself eat a salad with salmon and avocado before having my tea this morning and guess what? i am not experiencing my usual am anxiety spike!


keeping a food/mood journal has been very helpful in tracking my patterns and seeing how and what i actually eat! i am one of those people who eats "healthy", but with all kinds of sneaky, easy-to-rationalize unhealthy patterns hidden in my diet ("it's ok, it's organic"). but eating this way and justifying it by the fact that i exercise regularly has stopped working- both emotionally and physically (stuck at weight plateau and feeling like a slave to cravings ).


my housemate and i spent a good part of the day yesterday planning meals, making a shopping list and shopping. then i came home and made dinner. this feels like a full time job, but i know once we get the hang of it it will be easier. part of my motivation is to support her in her changes.


i am glad i took last week to transition into this- as i read the book i got more and more motivated, as well as more informed about potential pitfalls that i imagine it would be easy to miss if you just start right away- staying away from seed oils, certain additives, more of the subtleties of balancing blood sugar... for example, the olives at the olive bar at whole foods are all soaked in seed oils! and some almond milks contain carageenan, etc.


yesterday we went to the farm market to get produce and my apple obsession was so humorously/embarrassingly apparent! i would have eaten one in the car but c. reminded me of the blood sugar spike and i was able to sit with the urge and realize i wasn't actually hungry. i waited until we got home and ate one with a handful of nuts. 


i taught a yoga class yesterday and beforehand all of us picked an "angel card" as a personal intention. mine was "freedom". last night c. and i watched the film "flight", about an alcoholic airline pilot; the pull of addiction is easy for me to relate to, not only as a recovering alcoholic myself,  but as a former bulimic and lifelong food obsessive. at the end, he finally gets honest and is able to let go of his addiction and says for the first time he feels free! it felt like a message of hope 

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i am looking at this whole period- the next few months until the end of the year- as time to clear out old patterns and engage new, healthier and more fun ones; not just changing eating habits but also focusing on what is most important. i have unsubscribed from email lists that were clogging my in-box, taken a hiatus from online dating, bought my ticket to visit my sister and her family in england for christmas, scheduled weekly massages and also fun activities in the coming months. 


paying attention to how i manage my energy and writing down what i notice- the tea i HAD to have this morning before eating and in order to concentrate on my meditation really did spike some anxiety, for example. and refraining from reading in bed really does make it easier to avoid eating a late snack. 


i feel slowed down today, maybe a bit groggy. 

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am i posting correctly? i haven't gotten any replies or comments...


6 nights now without a bedtime snack- i felt the urge last night and just turned out the light and went to sleep. it's amazing to me how i can feel "hungry" at night hours after dinner, but in the morning i am not at all interested if food. i have to admit, i am still caffeine reliant on waking up- a cup of black tea with coconut cream before meditation. then breakfast of loads of sauteed vegetables with 2 eggs, and though i can recognize that it tastes good, i have no appetite for it at all. 


i have, however, stopped having caffeine by early afternoon. don't even miss it. 


though the coconut cream seems to be whole 30 compliant in terms of ingredients, i am going to go back to coconut milk when this can is done; it has a psychological effect on me that feels like my old ways.


i can feel my body getting energy from the protein and fat- it feels deeply nourishing and sustaining. but i also "miss" the old spark of a different type of energy. i wonder if others experience "meat fatigue"? i am not used to eating this much meat. again, it feels deeply nourishing and grounding, but lacks that old sugar high- which, i know, is the whole point!

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You might perhaps consider starting a post in the "your whole 30 log" section of the forum - that's where most people write their thoughts, feelings, emotions, food etc.

You may get replies, you may not....it's good for personal benefit though!

I could move this post there if you like and you can just continue on?

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