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this is it :)


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I am working on my whole30 but have already figured out I have some pitfalls.  I thought I would use this journaling to help me be accountable.  


I seem to tell myself a lot of lies when it comes to food... I forget my long term goals (in these moments of weakness) and tell myself, you've had a long day, you deserve some sugary/carby treat and some tv....


Or that 'ive been good, I can indulge in something'.... however I usually end up over eating on the junk food then.  I'm pretty sensitive to carbs/sugar and then I end up staying up late because I can not sleep!  Vicious cycle.


I've tested my fasting blood sugar and it was 105 and 110 recently.  I need to get this back down and not eating junk at the end of the day will be very helpful in doing this. 


I'm pretty sure that if I can get beyond these habits I will gain a lot -


better sleep = more efficient = happier = healthier


losing some weight (about 10lbs) = more comfortable in my clothes = more time (less time trying to figure out what to wear!) = more confidence


better blood sugar regulation


less aches and maybe less back tension?  (I have this most of the time)


More likely to plan social events because I am generally feeling great on a regular basis???



(But what will I do to "unwind?"  My husband works late shifts and I am at home with a one and a three year old.)

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Welcome! ..I'm only on Day 4 but can already tell you that posting here is a great support as it keeps you accountable.


When your children are in bed could you have a long hot bath or shower to help you unwind? Treat yourself to some new bubble bath or bath salts, light a candle and have some 'me' time.. 


Or do a scrap book of memories from your past and your children's past. Using our hands to do something very different is a great stress reliever - and if the kids are awake they can help with some of the colouring too?!

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Great idea, thank you!  That is a good reminder -  Using my hands (not being on the computer!) is very relaxing and nourishing to me too.


Day 1 -


I'm in a better place mentally now that I have prepared a bit more and reached out in this forum a bit.  Yeah!


B - turkey, pumpkin/coconut milk/sunflower seeds/1/3 banana

L - salmon, green beans, beets, walnuts

S - ham, small red pepper, 1/2 banana, guacamole

D - chii/guacamole


As soon as I get an article done for work, I am off to take a relaxing bath and to journal.

S - 1/2 c nuts

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Day 2


Too busy lately!  We've been without nanny/babysitter help for two months now and it is really catching up to me!  Work has been too busy also --- So no workouts and not even a whole lot of walking lately.  I'm trying to keep on with the foods until I get past this hump.  (I think I need to back off the nuts but they are such an easy filler when I'm hungry but busy)


B -  turkey patty, chard, coconut oil, beets/sweet potatoes

L-  salmon, root veggie soup, nuts

S - nuts

D - chii and avocado

S - almonds (probably too many) and blueberries

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How are you going with "unwinding"?

A couple of suggestions -

Your dinners sound light in vegies, there may be some in the chili, but aim for 2-3 cups altogether.

A different fat source may be good - you could add mayo, EVOO after cooking, olives, coconut milk in your soup etc.

Also try to make your snacks a mini meal of protein, vegies and fat instead of fruit and nuts. Nuts are easy to overeat - they aren't overly satisfying, and the hand to mouth action is habitual and addictive! If you're finding yourself hungry between meals, aim for bigger meals particularly with regards to protein and fats. Having enough of these two things in particular will help keep you more satisfied between meals

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I appreciate the suggestions, thank you.  I'll try tweeking some things as you suggested.  I do have a one year old I am nursing about 5 times a day so I'm not sure if the mid afternoon snack is something I can skip.  I would like to get to the point of eating Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner and then go to bed - 


B - turkey, chard, coconut oil, squash, coconut butter, 1/2 tomato

L - chili and avocado

S - pumpkin, coconut milk, blueberries, beef stick

D - chicken, tomato sauce, broccoli, carrots, coconut butter

S - coconut flakes


No workout (except for running around with my 3 year old today)

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A one year old and a three year old....nursing....oh you are doing great!  I remember those years.  You are doing GREAT.


For unwind time - are you artsy at all?  I do a lot of art.  A simple one is Zenspirations (a book by Joanne Fink).  You can journal with them, make cards...whatever.  Zentangles is another name/version of it.  It's a great way to spend time in the evening with paper and a set of pretty inexpensive micron pens.  



Congratulations on your great progress.

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Went to bed by 10pm last night.  Woke up at 7am and finally got back to fitting in a workout.


8:30  Turkey, broc/caul/peppers, olive oil, sweet potato

12:30   Chicken, root veggies, coconut oil, broc/artichoke

4:00  turkey, peppers, cucumber, guacamole

6:30   chicken, tomato sauce, red cabbage, coconut oil, asparagus


I find myself hungry for a nice meal/snack by 4 but am not hungry then at 6:30 when I would like to eat with my family....

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Thank you, I am going to try moving things up a bit. And thanks Stubby for the encouragement and suggestions.  I have been so busy I haven't really even had time to unwind lately but I see that changing soon :)


I have a wedding to go to this weekend and I would love to feel a little more comfortable in the dress I will be wearing.... so I am going to use this as a little added motivation. 



(Next 5 days)

To be upstairs, getting ready for bed/reading time by 9:30 (I will try and post here at the begining of the day or in the afternoon instead)


To only eat after dinner if I am truly hungry


8:20 - chicken, spinach, squash, coconut oil

11:00 - chicken, spinach, coconut oil, banana

1:00- pork/tomato sauce, asparagus, cucumber/guac, pistashios

3:30 - pistashios and dried apricots (should have had a plan here)

dinner - (plan) turkey, greens, tomatoes, olive oil

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Day 8




9:30 turkey, squash, coconut butter, zuchini/coconut oil

1:15 salmon/chicken avocado, red peppers, olive oil

4:00 beef, pepper, cucumber, salsa, avocado

5:15  pork/tomato sauce, greens, squash/coconut butter

8:45 mac nuts and 1/2 banana


2 walks today

in bed at 10 but trouble falling asleep.  baby woke a few times in the night and I was up before 7 not feeling so rested.  I did have a good workout however. 


Day 9



8:30 salmon/beef, roasted veg, spinach/coconut oil

10:45  roast beef, squash/coconut butter, spinach, dried apricots (5) and 3 brazil nuts

1:50 pork/tomato sauce, spinach, squash/coconut butter

4:00 grapes, sunbutter, roasted veggies (i was more tired than hungry when i ate these items)

6:30 dinner plan - chicken/pesto, broc/tomato

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Liveit - I'd suggest having a postWO meal if you're working out. PostWO recommendations are a meal sized portion of lean protein with starchy vegie carbs, and little to no fat. I would have this after your workout, then meal 1 a little later.

Also try and make every meal/mini meal fit the template with protein, fat and vegies not just fruit and nuts.

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Thanks amberino.  On the days I workout, I tend to get up and workout right away so I am ready for breakfast afterwards.  Is there a benefit to having a meal without fat post-workout? 



Day 10


core exercises

9am turkey, small amount of pear and roasted veggies, cabbage and coconut oil

my plan:

noon: chicken/veggies/olive oil

3ish:  roast beef, salsa/avocado, red pepper and cucmbers and a few grapes

6sh:  well feds meatballs and cauliflower and maybe some sweet potatoes



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there is definitely a benefit to excluding the fat - basically,  after exercise, you want to get the protein/carbs in to help your body start the recovery and refuel process. fat slows digestion and absorption, so by including fat with a meal after working out, your body wont get the stuff it needs quickly enough.


slow digestion is great with a normal meal, as you don't want to be hungry every 2 hours, which is why it's important to have enough fat at your normal meals.

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I did not do so well over the weekend..... I got off track with on plan foods and then got into sugar.  I feel gross and really sensitive to these off plan foods now.  For example, my vision is blurry today...??  I would love to be at a place where I could take my daughters to the co-op, for example, before we play on the park on a Sunday, and pick out a little treat to share.... Right now, this just begins the lies I tell to myself. After I have endulged a bit at the co-op, that afternoon, I tell myself that I can get a snack size mcflurry. And after I've eaten the icecream, I am just looking for more sugar/carbs. yuck... 


My plan is to start a journal in the post whole 30.  I have completed a whole 30 in the past and know that a couple things don't affect me poorly and don't derail me:  wine and legumes.  I am so modest with my wine intake (baically a glass or 2 a month at most and although I don't plan on eating a bunch of legumes, they are not worth avoiding when I do come across them.  I will absolutley avoid gluten (have for a long time) and soy, corn, peanuts, eggs, and sugar are all inflamatory to me right now.  I've realized I need to approach this right now as a long term eating plan.  I was reading another persons post about how 30 days isn't enough to really break away from the mind connection to things like sugar.  I work in the health field and would like to feel awesome every day.  A much more effective way to motivate other people!!!  

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I am back to go forward with a whole 30.  I am not sure what to do about thanksgiving yet. Here is a reminder of some of the reasons I am doing this:


Consistent sleep pattern ( in bed by 10 and up by 7 to pray and exercise before the girls wake at 8 -- seems like plenty of sleep but I haven't been waking rested and many times get woken up by a child or my husband)


Consistent energy! (I have been hitting a severe energy drop mid-day)


Lose and maintain (about 8 lbs)


Feel fit (able to exercise and play on a moments notice)


Clear skin


Stable moods (feel social and ready for even the last minute plans)


Protect my eyesight, my blood vessel health, brain and memory, and my joints

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Day 1


I was up late last night after eating some icecream --- woke up crabby!  I am so happy to be free from this emotional instability. 


Todays food:

 b - turkey, cabbage, Brussels, pecans, coconut oil, few sweet potato bites

l - chili, spinach, squash, avocado

s - turkey, avocado, leftover veggies/olive oil

d - chili, spinach, squash, avocado


15 minute walk during my break

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Day 3


I tossed a turned a bit last night and woke up feeling tight/stiff. It took me a ong time to fall asleep (probably shouldn't have been watching tv right before turning in).  Definitley tired this afternoon but otherwise good. 


B - chicken, beets, beet greens, coconut oil, zuchini

L  - cod/tomato sauce, broccoli, brussel srouts, olive oil and coconut oil, pecans

S - too many nuts... 1 1/2 cups and some blueberries

D - chicken, mushrooms, peppers, and onions


15 mins of intervals this morning


Went to bed at 9:30 and did some reading but was also downloading podcasts.  I am having a hard time just shutting down after the kids are in bed... An improvement though by not watching tv right before bed.  It took a while to fall asleep and I did have some tossing and turning before 2 am.  I woke up and wrote in my journal around 1:15.  My daughter also needed my attention a few times last night...


I would love to have time to get ready, exercise and start breakfast before the girls wake.  That means bed by 9:30 (and more restful sleep) and up by 6am.  I am working towards this.

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Day 4!


b - chicken sausage, blueberries, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, and coconut milk

coffee/coconut milk

l - cod/tomatoes, cabbage/carrots

s - salmon salad/greens, oil/vinegar, cucumber, capers

d - chicken, mushrooms, ionions, peppers, squash, spinach, almonds, olive oil


walk 20 minutes


Feeling a little tired but in good spirits.  I wish my brain was working faster this morning.  Skin seems to be healing up some.

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Day 6  (Nov 17th)


Did not sleep well last night :(   But I had some coffee this morning and am eating well and I feel ok and am in good spirits.  Early to bed tonight i hope. 


Dinner is a pot roast with brussel sprouts and I am going for a walk to the park with my 3 year old. 

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