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Coworker's success story


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I turned my coworker on to the Whole30 about 2 months ago.  He's going to turn 40 in February, and has been overweight for pretty much the entire time I have known him (about 8-10 years).  Anyway he is a shining example of how well this program can work.  (he's not a big internet forum person, otherwise I would have him write this himself, but his results are too good not to share)


He's the kind of person who would go on a fad diet about once a year, lose a ton of weight (the wrong way), look better, and then gain it all back, plus a few more pounds over the next 5 or 6 months after returning to the old habits.  

I knew this would be right up his alley, and that it would be sustainable for him after he finished the Whole30.


Anyway, long story short, in July he weighed in at over 200 lbs (around 203 I think to be exact) and he's 5'9".  


After completing the whole30, he had dropped almost 25 lbs.  This was without working out at all, he started to, and a few days in, he reinjured an old shoulder problem and was not able to work out at all.  He continued the Whole30 a few days longer, and then finally finished it about a month ago, he's been basically 98% compliant since then with a few cheats here and there (some wine, gelato etc) and he's still losing weight.  As of this past weekend, he's down to 175 lbs, almost a total loss of 30 lbs.  He hasn't been this light since high school and he feels and looks great.  He just went out this past weekend and spent a ton of money on new clothes because his old ones looked like bed sheets on him.  


He's still got a little way to go to hit his target weight, and soon he hopes to have rehabbed his shoulder to the point that he can start working out.  Anyway, I knew the program would work, but it really exceeded his and my wildest expectations.  


There was no secret formula other than following the guidelines in the book (he is eating some BIG meals, lots of protein and veggies) and just having the will power to stick with it.  


This program really works and it sincerely is a life changer.  You just need to commit to it and commit to yourself and you will be really happy and proud that you did.



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