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  1. I agree on breakfast. Taking the time to cook a proper, balanced breakfast has been a habit that has stuck for a few years now. Also trying to make sure I have a couple of different vegetables with every meal.
  2. Juice06870

    Whole30 and Orange Theory Fitness

    Yes it will definitely pass. How long it takes is different for everyone. I have never done Orange Theory but a few coworkers do it and I know that it's very intense. I applaud you for getting through it because I know how run down you can feel in the beginning of the W30. In the meantime, just listen to your body, if you think you need to scale it back for a workout or more, then by all means do so. Before you know it your body will be adapting and you'll hit your stride and your energy levels will even out. I'm on day 6, and I normally do pretty intense crossfit style workouts. I haven't even thought about that, I've been doing mostly steady cardio, medium weights and a lot of stretching, foam rolling and mobility. Hopefully within a few days I'll be back into something a bit more intense, but I feel like if I push too hard right now I'll jut hurt myself. Good luck
  3. Juice06870

    French's Yellow Mustard

    I pour it on top of my tuna when i eat it out of the can after my gym workouts. it's one of the only things that helps me choke the tuna down besides home made mayo. but i don't use the mayo after workout due to wanting to limit the fat intake after the workout.
  4. Juice06870

    Baking bacon

    Maybe a dumb question, but do you get the problem with the grease splattering everywhere like you would if you cooked it in a pan? If not, I will have to give it a try, because i spend a good portion of every morning wiping up bacon splatter on the stove top.
  5. Juice06870


    I think it might be able to be summed up in accordance with one of the main points in the book - food will either make you healthier or it will make you unhealthier. In the case of Kombucha, you are getting the benefit of the antioxidants, probiotics and vitamins. Thus it makes you healthier. On the other hand, there are no such health benefits from a beer, a shot or a glass of wine, which is why they are restricted.
  6. Juice06870


    Glad to see GT's Kombucha is acceptable on the Whole30, I couldn't remember from my first Whole30 back in May. I definitely have a Kombucha Dragon I prefer not to slay.