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  1. Juice06870

    Deload month?

    Listen to your body. You may find that you will have no choice but to reduce your work outs or take a few extra days off to rest. Everyone will react differently, but it is common to feel a bit extra tired or sore early in the Whole30. But once that passes,your energy levels should rebound, and if so, maybe consider taking advantage of that to kick the workouts up again.
  2. Juice06870

    Canned Coconut milk Conundrum

    Just an idea: open the can upside down ( the can, not you). If the solid and liquid have separated quite drastically, then at least you'll be able to get to the liquid part right away without having to dig through the solid part. Plus the solid part that had been in contact with the liquid should hopefully be a bit softer and easier to work with. Then just eat the rest of the really solid stuff with a spoon.
  3. I agree on breakfast. Taking the time to cook a proper, balanced breakfast has been a habit that has stuck for a few years now. Also trying to make sure I have a couple of different vegetables with every meal.
  4. Juice06870

    thai food

    Generally the thai curries could be a compliant option, if you do not get it with rice. You would have to inquire to be sure it's not made with any added sugars or disallowed cooking oils. Substitute the rice out and get an extra order of steamed veggies that you can eat the curry over. But as the commenter above mentioned, be sure to check with the restaurant to be sure the ingredients in the curry are compliant.
  5. Juice06870

    30 day results exceed expectations

    That is awesome work, congratulations. Keep it up. Very inspiring for the rest of us.
  6. Juice06870


    Call me crazy, but ketchup doesn't sound like something you should need to step away from. It's not exactly a dozen donuts or a hidden box of cupcakes under your bed....but everyone has their own requirements and goals so I am not bashing your decision or the advice in this forum. HOWEVER, if you decide to add a little to a future meal and you are tired of making it yourself (I tried once or twice and it was too much effort on top of everything else), here is a link to a very good brand that is also whole30 compliant. My local Whole Foods carries it: https://www.tessemaes.com/collections/condiments/products/organic-ketchup
  7. Juice06870

    Whole30 and Orange Theory Fitness

    Yes it will definitely pass. How long it takes is different for everyone. I have never done Orange Theory but a few coworkers do it and I know that it's very intense. I applaud you for getting through it because I know how run down you can feel in the beginning of the W30. In the meantime, just listen to your body, if you think you need to scale it back for a workout or more, then by all means do so. Before you know it your body will be adapting and you'll hit your stride and your energy levels will even out. I'm on day 6, and I normally do pretty intense crossfit style workouts. I haven't even thought about that, I've been doing mostly steady cardio, medium weights and a lot of stretching, foam rolling and mobility. Hopefully within a few days I'll be back into something a bit more intense, but I feel like if I push too hard right now I'll jut hurt myself. Good luck
  8. Juice06870

    To Peel or not to Peel?

    I usually peel mine, or remove the skin after baking them whole. I'm too lazy to thoroughly wash the skins before cooking and eating. I feel like there is a ton of dirt on there that I can't get off.
  9. Juice06870


    Sorry it's been a while since I read the book. I need to get it back from my sister.
  10. Juice06870


    I believe that technically, the program allows no more than 2 cups of coffee per day, and no caffeine after noon time. Decaf or herbal tea could be consumed at any time.
  11. Juice06870

    Starting Tomorrow

    Good luck and best wishes for your husband.
  12. Juice06870

    Starting 5th Whole30 Jan 1st

    ...or is it the 6th? I can not remember because it has been a LONG time since my last one. I did my first one in 2013 and it changed my life. I did another one later that year and again in 2014 and 2015. For the most part afterwards, I had stuck to the general plan of avoiding processed foods, sugars, excessive alcohol, grains and dairy. But this year I have really fallen way off track, especially since about September or so. You name it. Eating out way too much, LOTS of alcohol, tons of grains, sugars, processed stuff - you name it. Slowly but surely I have gained a decent amount of weight, I do not know much much since my scale is broken. I don't feel that great, especially physically. My body is sore and tight. My sleep doesn't feel very restful. I'm 39 with 2 kids, and I think I was using that as an excuse to myself to justify being so undisciplined. Well enough of that. I turn 40 in June and I know that I can do a lot better. I need this 30 days to get myself back into good habits, re-adjust my taste buds and to get my body started on healing itself. I know exactly what i have to do, I just need to prove to myself that I can stay laser focused and disciplined like I used to be able to 4 and 5 years ago. Hopefully I'll be back in a few weeks time with positive news and results and I am looking forward to following the journey of everyone else on here as well.
  13. Juice06870

    Having a hard time

    Try to stick it out. If you quit and restart, it may end up becoming a cycle of quitting and restarting that you could fall into. It's not easy for the first few days, and that will not change whether you stick with it now, or quit and restart in a few days or weeks. Think of it this way, you already have 4 full days under your belt. Get through today and thats 5 days! You mentioned how you are feeling physically, that is a good sign because it means your body is already trying to adjust to your new way of eating. You will have up and down days for a while, some days you'll feel pretty bad and some days you will feel amazing. Then it will all even out and you'll hit your stride and be so glad that you stuck with it. Just take it one day, one meal at at time. Don't focus on how much time you have remaining, focus on all of the time you have already invested and how that is positively effecting you. Good luck!
  14. Juice06870

    Alcohol dragon strikes again

    Ladyshanny thanks! - yes I used to be very good about substituting something else - usually a GT's Kombucha in the evening. If I had one of those, it would usually do a good job of knocking out the craving for a cocktail. My other option would be a cup of bone broth which I used to make weekly. I need to get better about both of these, I have a ton of kombucha in the fridge, I need to get back on the wagon with that.
  15. Juice06870

    Let's talk about Salad

    There is a great Greek restaurant I go to which serves a horiatiki salad, which is basically cubed cucumbers and tomatoes, along with some sliced onions and some olives. They add feta cheese, but it's easy to have them leave that off. That has been my inspiration for making salads at home, I was getting really tired of the leafy salads. I'll cube up a cucumber and tomato, slice a pepper, add some olive oil and I really enjoy it. Of course I'll have a good sized serving of protein and fat with it, just in a separate container or plate, not on top of the salad. Here is a pic of the salad, just don't add the cheese (it's not my salad, just a pic from the internets) http://thewanderlustkitchen.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/authentic-Greek-salad-horiatiki-4.jpg