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Pre-Holiday W30


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It's T-3, I'm starting my next W30 on 10/24, and it's not a minute too soon! 


This time I want to focus on trying some new recipes, focus on sleep and movement, and balance in the Whole 9 in general. 


I have a bunch of new habits I'm trying to get going, mostly related to dealing with stress and anxiety and uncomfortable feelings since junk food and alcohol are no longer options. 


Today I ate

Tom's Crockpot Butter Chicken on cabbage


tuna salad w/homemade mayo on mache with lemon and olive oil


how I feel: sugar headache. I was eating "bottle caps" which used to be one of my favorite candies. I would save all the cola and rootbeer flavor for last. But by the time I had eaten all the other flavors I felt so sick I had to throw the rest away. My former favorites. Thrown in the garbage. 


Life is really weird. 

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We had crazy white bread sandwiches with lunch meat and american flat cheese for dinner HA HA HA HAHA


After, I felt so awful I had to lie down and not move.


We went on a bender this weekend and now it's over. What I learned: I actually feel liberated.


I finally internalized the message that, as an adult, I can eat WHATEVER I WANT. If I want to eat white bread sandwiches, or egg nog, or candy, or chips and creamy sour cream dip, I can! I'm not "in trouble" with anyone, I'm not violating some rules, etc. I'm in charge of what goes in my body. Only me. And really getting that means that I am free to decide what my priority is. There's nothing and no one to rebel against. And even though I sound sanctimonious to my own ears, I can honestly say that nothing I ate was worth how I felt after. Not even the in the slightest. The first two bites were fine, but after was just unnecessary. So, that's a good lesson. 


Today I have compliant Aidells sausage with broccoli and egg scramble (a TON of broccoli) for breakfast. Lunch is on my own, don't know what I'll choose yet, but likely some kind of salad with meat. 


Dinner may be roast chicken thighs with homemade squash soup. Or Chocolate Chili...both that and the soup are defrosting.

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Dinner was something so fantastic...it was the Elvis burgers from Melissa Joulwan's new cookbook Well Fed 2. 


Burgers on hearts of romaine topped with sunbutter, sauteed bananas, pieces of bacon, and a drizzle of blasamic reduction (this isn't in the recipe, but adds the perfect amount of acid). 


So so so good. 


T-1 Breakfast is Aidells sausage and broccoli and a banana

lunch is with my mom -- we'll go to a vietnamese restaurant that we like, and I'll have seafood soup.

Dinner is sweet potatoes and bok choy with baked chicken thighs. This is eaten right after crossfit. 


Tomorrow is Day 1, so tonight there will a little kitchen purging of some stuff that's creeped back in. 

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Didn't get vietnamese seafood soup (for the second week in a row) because there was some bizarre power outage for tens of thousands of places in town and the restaurant was one of them! 


Had a chopped salad instead: turkey, bacon, blue cheese, hb egg, ranch dressing. English muffin. Cupcake. 

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Day 1 was rough, but it's tough starting in the middle of the week. 


M1 rosemary grilled chix breast w/cabbage, sw pot, carrots, olive oil

M2 rosemary grilled chix breast w/roasted brussels sprouts, olive oil

M3 chocolate chili (no veg! boo!)


Day 2

M1 cabbage and sw pot w/a compliant aidells sausage and a compliant hot dog. Normally I'd stay away from so much processed tube meat, but we are eating up some compliant but less-than-ideal leftover groceries

M2 more chocolate chili, this time on a bunch of broccoli and some raw white onion

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