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Whole30 II - Donna does it again


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I had a great day 1. My doctor had asked me a few days ago to do it again, so that's what I'm gonna do. 


My mom used to make a fried cabbage and noodle dish, so last night, I reworked it. Using compliant bacon grease (I buy farm fresh, non sullied bacon at the farmers market), I sauteed cabbage and onions, spiral cut a Japanese sweet potato and added that, then hit the mix with garlic salt and pepper, and let it simmer for about a half hour or so until everything was nice and soft and brown on the edges. I had stirred it often to make sure nothing burned and to keep the cooking even. It was really good. The Japanese sweet potato didn't add a lot of taste, but it sort of substituted for a noodle, though it cooked down more. 


I feel well armed to make it through this W30 without as much "eeeep!" as last time,  but I need to maintain my resolve to kick it into high gear and keep it there. 


I mentioned elsewhere about meal planning and I'm keeping that up. I'm good to go through Sunday, three meals a day and snacks. My plan is to continue walking at least a half hour 4-5 times a week until I can get back into the pool at the end of November. I have to take 30 days off due to personal reasons, but absolutely will be back in the water as soon as I can.


I re-read Day 2 of the W30 email series and it suggested to put mind to paper, so that's what I'm doing here. Pixelated paper, but paper, right?

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Day 2 is on the books and it was interesting. I had big time sugar joneses happening off and on all day. I didn't cave. I know how important it is to commit to these 30 days. I did a lot of yard work instead. The weather in VA is invigorating right now and I love to be outside as much as possible. Abbey (the German Shepherd in my sig) and I go out and just do whatever. It was blowing leaves and raking for day 2. 


I have a meeting today that will include lunch, but I am fairly certain they planned on having veggies and fruits available. I'll fill in with proteins and fats at home if I need to. Bottom line is that I have a plan.


Here we go with day 3!

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