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Worst stomach ache... day 6

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Today is my day 6. 

Last night for dinner I had: 


homemade turkey burgers made with a mixture of egg, spinach, basil, garlic and carrot

topped with sprouts and avocado

baked sweet potatoes and beets.


I attempted homemade mayo last night but only had regular olive oil and it was waaaaay too olive-tasting to eat. So gross.


I ate a little bit of mustard with the turkey burger (the ingredients were compliant). 


I have eaten everything except turkey, mustard and mayo since starting Whole 30. 


So what gives? Any thoughts as to what would give me a bad stomach ache (sharp pain/bloated)? Or is this just a day 6 thing?




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It's probably your digestive system that hasn't adjusted yet to the new diet. Any bigger changes in diet tend to cause such discomfort. Been there, had that. It's not fun, but it'll pass. I think there are some enzymes one can take to aid the digestion.

Of course if it persists, then it's a good idea to re-evaluate what might be the cause.

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