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Geez.  Things didn't go too well post Whole30.  Actually, never was able to string 30 consecutive days together so I wound up doing 56 of 60 days compliant.  Still, I was able to virtually eliminate the desire to eat my daily chocolate, and the taste of vegetables was again oh, so sweet!


Life intervened.  Stress and a new job made it more difficult to stay on track and I find myself feeling like crap only 5 months post 1st experience.  I'm back.


October 29th is my Day One.  I think I'll start another journal because I seem to enjoy writing it all down regardless of who sees it.


It could be fun to see some of you again.  :)




Still 48 years old

Still 5'3" and about 120lbs

Still trying to be physically active 5 days a week:  elliptical and weights and walking

Still living with some physical limitations that make running and heavy lifting out of the question

Still eating too much sugar

Still struggling with a strained marriage

Still fostering awesome dogs

Still working at a natural foods co-op (and loving it)

Still have a child on the Autism spectrum

Still tired





Can't stop myself from getting older, so I might as well feel good

Maintain the weight and not battle the up/down pounds saga

Stay active, but no longer *have* to work out to burn off the sugar calories

Stop the sugar cravings

Eat breakfast

Eat meals; not serial snacking

More mental energy

Eat more protein

Achieve contentment



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