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  1. I'm off to grocery shop for the my Whole30 that starts tomorrow. I'm not a person who typically gets into apps, journals, or gadgets to help me through the process, but I am curious what 1 thing people find the *most* helpful to them during the 30 days. I'd be willing to try something. Is it an app? A specific cooking utensil (wok-pressure cooker-freezer)? Journal? Lists? Website? A Whole30 partner? This Forum? I've done the Whole30 several times over the past 7 years, but not for quite a few years now. I've been gluten/casein free, Paleo, grain free, vegan... lol... you name it. I like playing with food and food lifestyles. For me this is another jump start to get back to eating meals and not snacking my day away on dark chocolate almonds (I always stray away from meals). I love to cook, and I have the time right now to do so. I am not a big meat eater. Weight loss is not my goal. Thank you!!!! Pam
  2. I'm going to start a Whole30 after I get back from Ocean City on 7/21. Too hard to do while traveling with family and probably 4 different diets between us (1 vegan, 1 vegetarian, 1 gluten free and me who is dairy free/grain free). I have done the Whole30 5 or 6 times since about 2012. Each time I falter on Day 13-14, like clockwork, so I've never technically completed the Whole30 (29 of 30 days went well). My guess is I lack in the prep work department and relied on snacks, not meals. I'm 54 with scoliosis that has limited my activity for about 5 years. Dairy free since I figured out it was the root of my hot flashes (gone!). Mostly vegetarian and grain free. Can't say 100% anything. I'm looking for an energy reboot and sugar beast slaying, not weight loss, and I hope this Forum is as active and friendly as it was years ago. This time around the kids are all in college or out working so I don't have to cook for them as well. Thanks! ~Pam