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  1. PamH


    Vitamin D will take a while to build up and actually help. I think a blend of D3/K is helpful; at least 2000 IU/day. Do you have a deck or patio that you can sit on to take advantage of the sun when it makes an appearance? I actually believe my low cholesterol played (plays?) a role, too. Do you happen to know your lipid numbers? Total cholesterol should be above 150 for sure. I know it is so much easier to give advice than to act on it when you are feeling depressed. I've been there many, many times. I just know how much physical activity helps me... but this is you we are talking about. I hope you find a person you can relate to at the church. That would be wonderful. Take care, and keep us posted! We worry about our peeps. lol
  2. PamH

    Recovering Bulimic + Jan Whole 30

    You CAN do this! Sometimes you are successful for weeks, sometimes for months, and hopefully then for years. <3 It really is one day at a time.
  3. I had a CBC and Metabolic Panel run which showed lower protein markers, but everything within normal range. I don't know my MTHFR status, but I have to assume I have something based on what my son's status shows. He has Autism. I was vegan for only a few months, but vegetarian (and sugar gorging) for close to a year now. I think I can turn this around.
  4. Ah, MTHFR. My son is heterozygous for A1298C and C677T. I just have to assume I am one or both. Good point. I do have access to a few alternative medicine MDs in the area.
  5. No doctor to ask. The people I see are so very mainstream. I'll do some research or maybe go to a histamine intolerance blog. I'm not sure about histamines and bone broth but it didn't make me feel good when drinking it. I could always go slow (not my style lol)
  6. I doubt I warrant a biopsy, especially since the scalp tenderness and facial pain is tons better after leaving my vegan diet (FOUR days!) and a visit to the chiropractor. I had a contrast MRI of my head in October 2014 that was clear. I can only imagine I'm being seen as a hypochondriac. I'm ready to just abandon modern medicine and go back to basics. Seems smarter. This last decade has been interesting.
  7. I have to stay low histamine. Bone broth was not my friend last time I tried it. I will work on my gut, though. I know I can take charge of this situation with food choices. Thank you
  8. Ah, oysters. Love them. I assume breaded and pan fried is not the idea? What is your opinion on the smoked/canned vs fresh? Raw? Cooked? No difference?
  9. I would think I do NOT have PMR for sure. I do know there is literature that says you can have normal test results and still have PMR but it is rare. The Giant Cell Arteritis is probably ruled out when you look at the overall test results. Yes, eat for life. Wow
  10. Well, well, well... knock me over with a feather: My SED rate is 8mm/hr (reference range 0-22 mm/hr) My C Reactive Protein is <.5 mg/dL (reference range 0-.8 mg/dL) CBC and Metabolic panel are all within normal ranges except BUN (but I'm super hydrated). BP was 90/60 which is my normal HR was 56 which is my normal Some of the CBC values were on the low end of normal: WBC, RBC, Hemoglobin and Hematocrit. I am assuming that is from a vegetarian/vegan/sugar diet for the better part of 6 months? On the Metabolic Panel, total protein and albumin were on the low end, too. My guess is more protein! Today I had a chicken breast. I will keep up with the Whole30 and lower inflammation foods, but I am going to go the orthopedic route to see what is going on. Since I am 50, a long time eating disorder battler, sugar eater and heavy duty exercise freak I might want to get a bone density scan. I broke the neck of my femur years ago from running. Although I don't run anymore, I have been hiking and walking to excess. That, combined with a crappy diet? Only an Xray and time will tell. Younger people, listen up! Bodies will fail if you do not take care of them. sigh Any feedback welcome!
  11. LOVE the chocolate chili. Good idea. I haven't made it since last winter. I've never tried the second recipe, but I eat cauliflower a lot. I actually drank Crio Bru (have their tshirt!) when I first gave up caffeine. I switched back to regular decaf after having a histamine overload problem and thought it might be part of the issue. I really liked it but I think I will steer clear because I'm not sure it likes me. I had a lot of heart palps. Man, this isn't fun. I never used to react to foods. I will find a good way to get through this next month. I go to San Fran in a week so I think I won't be able to stay compliant 100%. I can do the best possible. I will also know my blood test results by then. I'm encouraged my how much better I feel. The aching... the hip pain... the dead feeling in my legs... much less. That is just 48 hours, folks.
  12. I had CRP, SED and basic blood panels run today. I will see what the results are soon. I feel better today already. Amazing, if it lasts. I am committed to Whole30 at the minimum. I know I will struggle with the chocolate and not be perfect. I seriously love dark chocolate, guys.
  13. PamH

    Giving up Coffee ???

    I'm already only drinking herbal teas. Ginger-turmeric, chamomile, etc. It was MUCH easier (so far) than I thought.
  14. PamH

    Giving up Coffee ???

    I gave up coffee 2 days ago! I went from caffeinated to decaf several years ago, but gave it up cold turkey after deciding I may have inherited my mom's arthritic condition. I am going in today to get ESR and CRP measured. Even today, I feel better. I didn't get the headaches because I was already on decaf, and the habit of coffee in the morning (maybe 16 oz) isn't giving me grief. I would love to think I can enjoy a cup here and there, but I'll stick to tea for now.
  15. PamH


    Keeps you in bed all day? That is serious depression. I have lived with depression since adolescence. On and off of medications. Off for the past 12 years with the use of high dose Omega 3 fatty acids. I feel better off of meds than I felt on them. Ditching the sugar helps me. Getting out of bed, getting dressed, doing work at a cafe or park to just be out with people. If you have a dog... walk it! Enjoy that sunshine; it will make you feel better. Force yourself to take a class: yoga? painting? cooking? Don't wait for the depression to lift before you move on with your life in CA. In addition to the Omega 3s (fish oil is what I used), I take Vitamin D. Healthy fats. You can try Rhodiola or St. Johns Wort, too. Keep pushing! You might never feel the depression is gone, but you sure can get to the point where you are NOT defined by it.