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Diving Deeper the Fourth Time Around!


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Doing this thing again with brutal honesty and inviting constructive criticism.

Logging my food daily and sharing my experiences as a 51 year old woman living in Northern Canada.

Breakfast was a glass of water, a cup of black coffee and an omelette made of a glob of coconut oil, to which I added leeks, mushrooms, green peppers and 3 eggs with salt and pepper, and a large spoonful of cooked ground beef. Also had mandarin oranges.

Took my vitamins and went for my daily walk with my dogs. Sadie is a Golden Retriever and Finnigan is a Bichon-Schitzu.

It was super icey out so we didn't walk our full hour.

I work as a Registered Massage Therapist so I am off to my basement to get ready for my day:)

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So...lunch was tossed salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, half a can of tuna, carrots and some grapes.

Dinner was roast beef (delicious grass fed, grass finished,antibiotic and hormone free Alberta beef we get shipped up here), sweet potato,coconut oil and cinnamon,fermented sauerkraut, a banana and a pomegranate.

I am determined to eat three meals a day, no snacks. I still have fears of being hungry. I will eat enough to not be hungry in between meals.

Fat is my friend.

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Wow slept like the dead last night!

I am almost to the point in life, where I actually believe that I nurture myself with Whole 30 nutrition to be healthy and feel great.

After a lifetime of trying to get to a certain number on a scale, this is slowly ABSOLUTELY changing my relationship with food and with myself.

Peace with food, myself and the way I move through life.

When you go into re-hab you spend a month getting your drug of choice out of your system. This is what we do with the W30!

I am convinced we cannot have peace with food until we detox from the substances that are addicting for us.

For me those are sugar and anything made with wheat.

So today....

Breakfast was 3 eggs in coconut oil and onions, mushrooms and peppers. Black coffee. Fermented sauerkraut, and 2 mandarin oranges.

Out now to walk my dogs!

Very thankful!

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So Halloween and I am feeling very victorious not even considering diving into the chips and chocolate my husband insisted we buy "for the kids".

So lunch was tossed salad with tuna and oil and vinegar. I added walnuts and a chopped apple because I was kind of hungry yesterday. Today made it to supper no problem.

Supper was stir fried greens, broccoli, onion, mushrooms, cooked in coconut oil and then I mixed in some cooked ground beef and bone broth.

Had a banana and a pomegranate.

Preparation is key! Protein and veggies ready in the fridge.

Already my tummy is less bloated.

I just feel lighter.

Three meals a day is a good idea.

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So I could totally be writing things in the wrongs spaces...first time forum contributor...sorry if I am. I am open to being redirected.


Woke up with a headache. Detox. 'Nuff said.

Weird dreams! Lasr night I was making really bad life choices knowing this was going to end badly! Tried to put out a fire in an oven.

The night before I almost put a handful of corn in my mouth!

We should have a thread where people put their Whole 30 dreams!

So breakfast was 3 eggs fried in coconut oil and I threw in a chopped apple and sweet potato and cinnamon.

Not the best choice. Need more veggies, and I do better with no fruit in the morning.

Lunch was a couple of delicious ladles of beef bone broth, chunks of the beef, and a few handfuls of cabbage coleslaw mix. And 2 mandarin oranges.

Keep it simple!

My first client today apologized for coming to me with a cold. Why do people expect I would want to touch them for an hour when they are sick?

But I love this woman so I used some butt kicking essential oils. I cannot remember the last time I was sick!

Following a paleo diet does not make us impervious to germs, but it sure seems to help!

I think touching naked people all day, using essential oils and washing my hands a hundred times a day helps too!

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Ok so...had a great day. Cleaned the house for about 5 hours...makes me feel sane, or its a good non-food activity:)

Breakfast was 3 eggs with veggies fried in coconut oil, and a pomegranate.

Lunch was half a can of salmon,big salad with olive oil and vinegar, and 2 small oranges.

Supper was Whitefish from our lake up here...Great Slave Lake, the 9th largest lake in the world! I get to live right across the street from it! Pretty beautiful! Cooked the fish in coconut oil, and sautéed spaghetti squash and apple and spices as a side.

Having a cup of Bengal Spice tea, I highly recommend, and heading out to the new Harrison Ford movie.

It gets dark here pretty early now...oh ya, we turn our clocks back tonight! Should make for some good sleeping!

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So I didn't log my food yesterday but it was a good day!

Sunday evenings our middle daughter and her boyfriend come over for supper.

She is doing a whole 30 also, and the 2 guys are just happy to be fed so it was a great meal:)

I buy pasture raised chickens from Alberta, and I have found that if you roast a chicken like this at a lower temperature for longer the meat just falls off the bones!

325 degrees and 30 minutes per pound.

The boyfriend had 3 helpings.

I also made turnips and green beans, with baked apples for dessert.

I remember the days a few years ago when I would add brown sugar to the turnips and apples. It's amazing how sweet food becomes when you take the other stuff away!

This morning I had a plate of warmed up leftovers and 2 mandarin oranges.

I am really noticing some benefits from adding so much coconut oil!

Probably have yo post these on the ladies only section:)

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So I ate the same thing yesterday for all 3 meals. I was loving that chicken!

I also added an apple with a glob of almond butter at lunch and a pomegranate with supper.

I went to my Nia class last night...very grounding and energizing at the same time!

Last night I dreamed I ate a pancake that was cooked in my childhood church basement kitchen by some

African American ladies who were here in town to "break down walls"...

Then another member of their group pulled out a box of scotch that was the secret to the amazingly tasty pancakes.

In my dream when I ate the pancake I told myself " you should stop and wait a bit before you have a second one...maybe you're full." I thought this was quite sane advice!

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So it has been easy for me to be compliant.

It is so empowering to know that I can turn to the process of a Whole 30 when I need to get grounded not only with food but with my priorities!

I had a client yesterday who has been dabbling in the Paleo "diet" but describing some issues that I could immediately see in my patterns. I was able to share my genetic predisposition towards sugar. Diabetes runs in both our families and if I let it, sugar would rule my life...maybe even ruin my life.

I am so thankful to be getting some clarity in this.

How many people are out there who are beating themselves up for all their character flaws when In reality they are the victim of a drug they don't even realize they are addicted to?!

I am about to eat some eggs, spinach and coconut oil with great thankfulness and humility.

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