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Pamela's food log


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Starting my log late in the game but it seems like it could be quite helpful. Because of holidays and family traditions this will probably not be a Whole30. it'll probably end up being Whole30 except for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, & New Year's Eve. So far, I plan on doing a full Whole30 in Jan 2014.

Day 11: 3 meals, no binging! Grumpy and gassy this morning. 2 good reasons to FOLLOW THE TEMPLATE. Mood improved greatly after breakfast and all the tea :)

Day 5 of no coconut and my legs haven't been itchy at all and are finally healing up :) I so wish it wasn't coconut though . . . .

M1: sweet potato, onion, chicken drumstick, broccoli, cauliflower, cooked in pork fat, ACV, s&p,1/2 avocado, water w/lemon juice,1 cup relax tea (ate ~2/3, save the rest as a mini meal)

Caramel Apple Spice black tea throughout the morning. (2 cups per usual)

M2: kirkland stir fry veggies, turkey burger, BV, garlic/herb, salt, EVOO

Snack: rest of breakfast

M3: 1# italian veggies, 2 drumsticks, basil, garlic, 1T EVOO and 1 serving kalamata olives.

Snack: small sweet potato, drumstick and 2T mayo.

Perhaps I've been under eating lately. I've been quite hungry today even with decently sized meals. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

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Day 12: still having these headaches that show up off/on throughout the day. Hoping more carbs, and food in general, help with this.

Slept 7 hours straight last night instead of the 4 I had been on most nights. (more carbs? eucalyptus/spearmint/epsom salt bath?) I've been realizing the past week, that I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders, neck and jaw, so I've been working on relaxing those areas. The bursitis in my shoulder def feels better on days that I do better at relaxing.

M1: smaller meal than usual since lunch w/my mom is in just a couple hours. sm sweet potato w/cinnamon, green beans, drumstick, garlic/herb and handful of kalamata olives.

M2: greek salad @ a nice local restaurant: lettuce, tomatoes, olives, peppercinis, steak, s&p, o&v (heavy handed on the oil :)

M3: bell pepper, onion, turkey burger, ranch from ISWF, pumpkin with ghee & garlic/herb&s ( I got brave and bought some ghee to try. Fingers crossed for no hives!)

Snack: another meal really. 2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, sm sweet potato, can of sardines, and more pumpkin but now I'm nice and full :)

Guess I under ate most of the day again. Bigger breakfast tomorrow! Other than feeling like I could use a nap all day, things went well.

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