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December 2nd Whole30 Challenge!


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Hello! I officially began on Monday (12/2) as well, after a few trial run days last week. How's it going for the both of you? And anyone else lurking out there?


I hit the headache/cranky phase already today. Of course, it strikes the day all my work stuff goes haywire and I run into car trouble, haha. But it was a good challenge, not turning to comfort carbs. Proud that I channeled the stress into chopping chicken for curry instead of downing chips and salsa like I might have before!

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I am starting today, Dec 5 and I'm very serious about sticking with it through the holidays. Anyone doing a whole30, please add me on Myfitnesspal.com if you have an account, so we can support each other on there! :)

My username is shuki_cotren

Hi Shuki - this forum is a great place to find support and guidance during your whole 30. Weighing/measuring/tracking your food isn't part of the whole 30, so you won't need to use MFP!

ETA: do you have a copy of the meal template?


If your MFP breakfast was what you actually ate today, you severely underate. As per the template, you need 1-2 palms of protein, 1-2 servings of fat and 2-3 cups of vegetables at every meal. Use the template as your guide for portion sizes!

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