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Whole 30 to clean up carb addiction, but not weight loss


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I do not need to loose any weight, but would like to cut down on the amount of carbs I consume to see if hormonal migraines (premenapause) might clear up.  I wouldn't mind more energy, but my energy levels are pretty good, my fitness is good, and my rest and relaxation habits are pretty good.  


Is this the plan I should follow?


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Whole30 is not low carb.  However, it does remove the bad carbs. You get carbs on a Whole30 from vegetables and fruit. 

That being said, many folks realize hormonal changes from being on a Whole30.  Give it 30 days and see what happens for you.  :)

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I'm sorry for my delay Brigit.  I haven't actually started.  I've been looking for excuses of why I don't need this, but I just got It Starts with Food and Well Fed from the library.  I am planning my menu now with a start date hopefully Saturday 12/14.

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