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trying this again on January 4

Real Food Y'all

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Hello! I did my first Whole 30 in September of 2012. It wasn't a COMPLETE failure, as I lost 9 pounds and looked pretty awesome.


But I don't feel I did it right. I don't recall ever feeling like I had achieved "tiger blood" and as the fudge and red velvet cheese ball I just engulfed can attest to, I certainly didn't get rid of my sugar demons. Not for long anyway.


But reflecting on my first Whole 30, I know I messed up. Ate a few things that were definitely SWYPO, didn't follow the proper reintroduction protocol, and I'm ashamed to admit, I said "screw it" at 11pm on day 30 and had a bowl of ice cream. :( I wonder what I would've accomplished if I'd waited just another night's sleep?


But now I'm ready to try again. I want to give the sugar demons a double whammy by cutting out fruit too! As inspired by the 21 day sugar detox.


A few facts:


I live with my 2 year old and boyfriend. neither will be joining me. Boyfriend literally won't eat anything other than meat, bread, white potatoes, and mushrooms.


I also stay with my parents a few nights a week to save on gas getting to work. They live 20 miles closer to my workplace than I do. They are also on a typical American diet, and I'm a very meek person, and I have no desire to change anyone in my life (although I do encourage my daughter to eat her veggies of course.) I did try to get my mom to read ISWF after I did, but she got through a chapter or so and said it was boring. Hopefully they'll come around when they're ready, and maybe if I can do this again and do it right so the good habits stick, that will influence the people around me. :)


The traveling does make the limited amount of paleo eating I've done a.challenge. I've managed to cram a few meals into a cooler with ice packs to transport my food, but I can only fit so much. I plan to have some frozen veg and whatnot stashed at my parents' I can cook on short notice. And pantry staples.


The main issue is space! At both houses it's a huge challenge. No deep freezer or room for one here. Stuff falls out when you open the freezer here! The fridge is always packed to the gills. Oh yeah, and it will be mostly conventional food for me, especially the meat since I can't afford grass fed anything without buying a portion of a cow and - no deep freezer! I do have Kroger and buy the Simple Truth brand of organic cage free chicken, eggs, etc. I live in Mississippi - the nearest Whole Foods-esque natural grocer is 2 hours away!


Wish me luck and please share if you have similar challenges!

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Amanda, I screwed it up the first time too, no worries though just think of it as a trial run. Plus, now you know where all your difficult areas lie. Maybe ask if you can get more freezer space, heheeh just throw out some things, your saving them from eating it anyway.. Or better yet eat mostly fresh. I sometimes go to the store 2-3X a week, I don't know how likely that is for you, but just an idea.


Also, I can't get grass fed anything here, I'm in Japan and the base commissary has a pretty slim selections. If I'm going out in town I don't really know what I am buying, I mostly assume Japanese meat and poultry is better than American, but honestly I can read the packaging. Just do your best you can with where your at!


Best wishes!

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