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  1. What if you can't clean out your pantry?

    I'm in the same boat... I don't separate my food from my family's though. It works for other people, but I would inevitably end up running out of space and needing to stick something on one of the S.A.D. shelves in our pantry, so I don't bother much at all with it anymore. Also, having my "weird" food things right there by the Froot Loops gives me a sense of normalcy, which I enjoy after having been a Whole30 freakazoid living with a determined junk foodist for 4 years now.
  2. What sayings help to keep you on track?

    "Don't give up what you want the most for what you want right now."
  3. I too struggle with sweets and have had to come back to the Whole30 many times to get back on track. I'm on day 30 of my 8th Whole30, and this month I did things differently. I ate almost no fruit, whereas on previous W30s I ate 1-2 servings of fruit a day. (This time I had a banana twice and an Rx bar once - each eaten very carefully and mindfully, because I was legit hungry between meals.) I've planned to reintroduce sugar as its own group, but not in the form of any kind of dessert or SWYPO treat. Just a little maple in my morning coffee, a little honey in my evening herbal tea. I may eat an apple that day (this is as close as I will get to a form of "dessert"). When will I be ready to try and see if I can eat one cookie without immediately eating 26 more? I don't know. Maybe never. I'm so tired of that cycle that I intend to be SUPER careful about what sweet treats I decide are worth it. I feel like I probably need more time away from desserts. I'm thinking I'll go dessert-food-free until at least March.
  4. Am I a horrible person?

    Any of our feelings of your body image/goals aside, I think the guilt you feel should be part of your "worth-it" rubric. If eating a cupcake is going to cause you inner turmoil, then you have to decide if that guilt is worth it - not just the potential fat loss stagnation, etc.
  5. Food Freedom & Resets

    I too was a bit disheartened by FFF. This cycle of doing a reset, struggling to decide which unhealthy foods are "worth it" for a month or two until ALL unhealthy foods become "worth it", then doing another reset was the exact cycle I was hoping to break.
  6. How to navigate being invited to a pot luck

    As a Southerner, where potlucks full of junky Bisquick casseroles and decadent desserts abound, I know exactly how you feel. I recently made this squash casserole, which got rave reviews from several of my 100% S.A.D. family members!
  7. Cold sores?

    As a mom working full-time who tends to take on too much, yeah... stress is a given.
  8. Cold sores?

    I have been eating an apple with almond butter maybe every other day. Other than that, no nuts! (this time)
  9. Cold sores?

    A while back, I spent several months battling cold sores that would go away and then come back a week or so later. (During this time, I completed my 5th W30 in June - saw no change in the cold sore occurrences during that.) In early August, the cold sores finally went away and seemed to be gone for good. I was still eating mostly W30, but with some kind of sugary indulgence most nights, damn that dragon. And maybe 1-2 SAD meals a week. Now I have started the Sept. W30. (I'm a day behind, so today is day 8 for me.) On the 4th day or so the cold sores came back! What's up with that? Is my body revolting against me taking away all the junk?
  10. Junebugs 2016 - Pressing On!!

    I'm planning to! Holy moly, have I wandered off-course...
  11. Realizing bad habits, and kicking them for good

    I have the EXACT. SAME. PROBLEM. I think this is common. I always want to "treat myself" just once over the weekend, but a well-thought-out decision to enjoy one pint of ice cream Friday night usually turns into that PLUS hibachi lunch Saturday, takeout pizza Sunday night, polished off with a bowl of paleo "brownie batter" whipped together in a frenzy at bedtime before I start all over again with a clean slate on Monday. Sigh... #sugardragonproblems
  12. How to be really supportive for partner on Whole30

    Zuzka, as a 4-year, 5-time Whole30 veteran with a spouse who refuses to give it a shot (he has a ton of food aversion issues), I just want to say you are AMAZING for coming here to get our perspective to help support your partner! And it's OK if you aren't ready to try it yourself yet. Your partner is so lucky to have you! One of the most helpful things you can do is dishes! That's how my partner helps me. He eats mostly processed stuff that requires very few dishes to prepare, so the dirty dishes are always 90% caused by me, so I see the occasional load of dishes being done as extremely helpful. If you're not already, cook your own non-Whole30 foods. If your partner has a weakness food that you enjoy, for example chocolate, hide yours somewhere where partner won't know where it is and be tempted. Or better yet, give it up yourself for the 30 days.
  13. Junebugs 2016 - Pressing On!!

    Haven't been around here in a while... Long story short: In the war between feeling good and having good flavors in my mouth, good flavors is winning. Having trouble breaking the cycle after several indulgences. I just want to eat crap and feel ok about it like everyone else I know does!
  14. Junebugs 2016 - Pressing On!!

    Well I binged this weekend. I thought I could just taste my 5YO’s cotton candy kettle corn from the farmer’s market (at her constant request) but I could not. Then I thought I could just eat two cookies, but I could not. Being an abstainer SUCKS. New rules: No eating sweets in the house unless there is only one serving available. Find SOME OTHER WAY to console myself when I’m PMSy and depressed.
  15. Junebugs 2016 - Pressing On!!

    Thank you! Also - how did you know? Continuing my dairy experiment with an unsweetened latte - because mama needs more coffee after last night's sleep! I feel VERY full after drinking some of it then eating my lunch... and my lunch was a typical W30 one for me. Hmmm...