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First Whole30 - Day 2!


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Hi everyone,

I started a post down in the Log section, but I figured I'd make an introduction here too. I'm on Day 2 of my first Whole30 which I'm doing together with my husband. We were doing Paleo together for a while and got really off track back in Aug/Sep. Hoping to get back to healthier eating, and then back to CrossFit, maybe when it gets warmer and I can handle getting out of bed at 6 and biking for 15 min to go kill myself doing burpees.  :P


Anyway, I'm just at the beginning of Day 2, and so far the thing I'm feeling the most is this kind of lethargy and a general feeling of wanting something, but being not quite sure what. Luckily there aren't too many temptations in the house now, so I don't feel too worried about slipping. I have a really fun new trivia app on my phone, so I'm hoping to combat bored eating with that.  :)


Good luck to everyone else just starting too!



Bianca S.

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