Committing to January 6 for my start date


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I have been very undisciplined in my eating due to moving, traveling and a demanding work schedule. I am excited to complete the 30 days, and while I know it will be hard, I am looking forward to being disciplined and feeling better!

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Hey Reubie,

OK time to put away the hammers!!  ;) (believe me I can do the same thing to myself) BUT hey that is a lot of changes you have / or are going through. Not making excuses...but like my good friend told me...change can happen at any time!!   I am on Day 2...I have made several prior attempts at the  W30/W40 BUT I ain't givin' up!!! ;) I know once I get in the swing of things it will become easier...and just propelled by feeling BETTER!!!

There is a group that have started on j6 like can get a lot of support there!!

Best of luck in your move, traveling and hope the work stress decreases a little! :D


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