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Day 5 of whole30 #2


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Hi everyone. My husband and I started our second whole30 on 1-1-14. Doing well so far -- no cravings for junk food, but I really wanted something sweetish last night after our chicken and veggie soup. I made a moderate-size fruit salad with a banana, three strawberries and about 10 blueberries. Delicious.

We have been drinking herbal tea (peppermint and cinnamon apple) after dinner -- nice flavor burst.

I was lethargic day 1 through 3, but my energy picked up yesterday. We went on a 2.5 mile hike and really enjoyed it.

I had weird dreams last night (the yard was on fire and I was struggling to find the water hose to put it out) and I am tired this morning.

M1 today: 2 scrambled eggs, roasted sweet potato squares, about an ounce of lean ground beef, three small strawberries (gave the "presentation" a pop of color) and 2 cups coffee with almond milk.

We are going to have the rest of the soup for M2 and my husband is going to smoke a turkey for dinner and for protein at meals this week. We also made salads in quart-sized mason jars for lunch at work Monday. We put lemon, olive oil and cilantro dressing on the bottom with the veggies and chopped romaine lettuce on top -- keeps lettuce from getting soggy.

This whole30 is easier this time for me (first one in Jan 2013) because I have been eating mostly on plan for about a year. Got off track in December, so it's great to be back in the paleo groove. Reading It Starts with Food again helped my motivation and I feel like it's a gift to know what food helps me feel good. So far, I don't feel deprived.

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Thank you for your sharing your experience and menu for the day - I am on day 3 - I was going to start on the 2nd but decided to sign up for the whole 30 daily again and it made me a day behind.  (or maybe 2?)  for some reason knowing I was waiting another day - I had avoided eating sweets at Christmas and didn't bake much - but for some reason knowing I had that one more day I ate One of 2 different things - weird and stupid - but it reminded me why I didn't want to eat it anymore. 


I have also used some of the same things to get encouragement (the same books, etc).  I went through my first whole 30 in Oct/Nov 2013.  My husband isn't completely on it, but will eat anything I cook w/o complaining and actually is liking some of the new things I've been cooking.  Good to hear someone else that is sort of going through same re-start.  I have found the forum very helpful!!!  Thanks!! 

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