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Day 6: In a past life I was BIMBA, WHALE OF THE NILE.


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Wow, y'all. Today I am so bloated that if it were summer, I would go to the beach just to see if friendly environmentalists tried to throw me back into the sea. The first few days of W30 I had the "oh no, I will have an accident" kind of digestive issues, today it is like that scene from Willy Wonka where Violet Beauregard puffs up into a giant blueberry. (Violet no, that gum is not whole 30 compliant!!!)


My lunch is venison stew (thanks dad, for all the w30 compliant meat), sugar snap peas, carrots, sea snax seaweed, and coconut with blueberries. I have eaten it all except the coconut and I just can't right now, my pants already feel like I'm going to pop a button. On the bright side, I would be an AWESOME extra in that campfire scene in Blazing Saddles. However, if anyone has any ideas for W30 compliant Gas X, would you let me know please? Thanks!


The food dreams have commenced. I've dreamed that I broke compliance by chewing gum, and then last night I dreamed that I was at camp (dude what, I am almost forty) and just stuck something in my mouth. It tasted sweet so I spit it out and tried to scrub all traces out of my mouth because then it totally wasn't cheating! Subconscious, why are you so weird?


Then I dreamed that I donated a ton of money to some fundraiser and there was nothing I could eat at the fundraiser dinner.


At least I don't feel as drained as I did yesterday. Do you ever have that thing happen where you lie down for a nap, and then you know you must drag yourself OUT of the nap or it is going to become an inadvertent very early bedtime? That was what happened.

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This was a pretty fun way of describing some of the experiences of the first week - I had to chuckle some!!  I'm not sure about gasx?  Maybe someone else does - I just use papaya for indigestion?  Haven't even thought to see if w30 compliant?    You are very descriptive - I could almost see the things you were describing  - and it did make me laugh a little.  :) 


Things will get better - I'm doing my 2nd whole 30 because my first one I did wrong and did the 2nd 30 on my first 30 - meaning I did re-entro at same time as the elimination part.  I was on day 30 when I realized I had misunderstood instructions.  I have some food sensitivities causing problems so trying to pin point exactly what they are coming from. 


The bloating will get better.  Just hang in there!!  Becky 

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