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Day 5 --Ugh, I ate too much.

Alana in Canada

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Yep, Sitting there after supper, snacking on cashews and an apple. My goodness. I am FULL. It isn't all that pleasant a feeling....really. And yet this is what I lived for--this is what I feared I would never feel again if I stopped eating my "fill me up quick" carbs. I had the same snack on Day one and felt great.


I am overweight (OK, obese) in part because I love feeling full. It makes me feel secure and safe. Like a hoarder in a house full of junk--that was me. My fat is my protection, too, of course...and never ever letting myself run on empty--always living just about at full was my comfort zone.


Or it was.


I was actually in a fabulous place when I at down to watch TV with my husband. I was tired, but good tired, I had a great work out today, too, and I was feeling on top of the world--looking forward to bed.


But now? Oh migoodness. Stuffed. to. the. gills. Uncomfortable. ugh.


I want to remember this. This could be some major "re-programming" --old habits plus good food = concrete in my stomach. 

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