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Starting Whole30 on Jan 19th


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Hi everyone, my hubby and I will be doing our first Whole30 next week. A friend of the family loaned me the book It Starts With Food and I was hooked! I am nervous as I have been battling food addiction issues most of my life. I have also been dealing with chronic pain/fatigue and fibromyalgia for the past six years. I have read testimonials of people who were almost completely healed after following the plan. I don't want to go in with expectations that high. I would be thrilled if I could report that I got back some quality of life and was able to reduce some of my meds! My hubby is on cholesterol and blood pressure meds, even though he is fit and tends to eat healthier than I do. It would be amazing if he could reduce or eliminate his meds! I can't wait to report back to my doctors. Wouldn't it be something if this food plan did what none of them have been able to do!


I look forward to reading your stories and encouraging you along the way too.  If there are other chronic pain/fatigue sufferers out there, I would certainly enjoy connecting with you. :)


Yours in health,


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